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  1. Hi, took me a long time too recently, I had done all of the above but did two extra things. I sucked the fluid through from the nipple end (with a syringe ang saw minute bubbles coming, left nipple open overnight with hose hanging down, syringe still attached. At least had some pedal pressure after that. Then went for a ride and after awhile the brake started working fine. Then I took the hose off of the car exhaust and removed the car from the garage, screwed up the note, and alls well.? Taff
  2. taffe


    Hi, sounds like my gasser trying to start, only it takes more kicks most of the time. Ha ha.
  3. Hi, I just fixed mine, traced to faulty CDI. Taff
  4. Hi, I have same problem. Swapped cdi with my mate starts fine now. Dead right not cheap. Taff
  5. Hi, I thought it was Gas Gas that had that issue? Taff
  6. In my experience gas gas bikes are hard to start, impossible for some, if you don't know how. cheers Taff
  7. Hi, I had an 07' 125/200 that sounded like that, I did all of the above suggestions and still lived with that noise for two years. Someone at a trial commented that it sounded like a sewing machine, so I sold it still running terrific. cheers Taff
  8. Cheaper to fix the slap than what could follow, l recon. Taff
  9. For me it depends on how much you like kicking your bike to start, Beta seems easier to start. Taff
  10. Google search gas gas switch. I just tried it. Taff
  11. Yes I did it on my Sherco and it made the clutch lever lighter. Taff
  12. I found having a wall, rock or tree to allow two feet on the pegs for a healthy kick is only part of the process, the next part is, piston in the right place in the barrel and the kick start also in the right place to give the longest travel possible. Cheers Taff
  13. taffe

    Newbie to Sherco

    Hi, you may need to do some work on the clutch to overcome the problem. There's a detailed post, I think in the Beta section, on how and why to rework or replace the clutch plates. I followed this for my 125 2007, and had a clutch to die for. I even did the work suggested on a set of new plates, worked fantastic. It used to be easy to find. cheers Taff
  14. I put up with the no start, sometimes start, 15- 20 kick start for 3 years. Dealer tells me "it's technique mate" "your not kicking it right mate". My mates say if there was atrial in a desert I would not be able to start the pro as there would be no trees to lean on or rock to put my left foot on whilst kicking. Ive used iridium plugs, moved the kick lever on its shaft,decoked the top end, fitted fly wheel weights, fitted boyessen reeds, fitted fltslide carby and back to delorto again. I've also tried all, I'm talking all, the hints and tips on this forum. Too frustrating for me, I don't look foreward to rides much anymore. I reckon the best fix is a Beta or a Sherco, I know I can start them easy Peary. good luck Taff
  15. I could not think of any either. Taff
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