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Another Pensioner.

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It alway amazes me that when you see a collection of ‘superbikes’ parked up, the riders when they take their helmets off are ??? really quite old and probably drawing a pension or two. I have to include myself in the ‘quite old’ area but lucky enough to pass as younger so my other half says....bit too risky to argue! A bike dealer friend nodded in the direction of a Ducati 748 just pulling into the parking area of his dealership. Wait until he takes his helmet off my friend said. Man on Ducati stops, side stand gingerly down and he slides off bike standing all hunched the way you tend to in race leathers. This riders were yellow to match the bike (possibly even the colour of his skin). Well when he removed his helmet? I took a sharpe intake of breath?, 85 said my friend. In a minute his wife will be along to pick him up (not in the literal sense....he was standing up ok). Sure enough a little old lady arrives driving a Nissan Micra! His bike was in for service, can’t say he looked fit and healthy as he was still hunched up a bit with his leathers partly down. Riding bikes, any sort, must be good for you????

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My partner bought her old CBR from an elderly gentleman who had reached the point where it was too heavy for him to handle, he was going to get a 125 to trundle about on.  Conversely, most of the road bikers with "superbikes" I know are in their 30s or 40s (I'm assuming most people think any faired bike is a "superbike" lol)

I'll be on bikes one way or another until I'm either dead or not safe to ride :)

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On 3/22/2018 at 3:01 PM, theluckyone said:

That's a great story. On a local level there's a couple of guys over 70 that ride trials regularly. That inspires me to go a bit steady on the booze and burgers as I'd like to ride a trial on my 70th.

That's assuming I make it that far!!

I've just hit that mark, and have every intention carrying on trialling for a long time yet. Interestingly, the trial I did last weekend had riders ranging in age from 8 to 82. There can't be many sports where those extremes (and everyone in between) can compete on a more-or-less equal footing.

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