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Bultaco tank what is the original red color called thanks

Old man

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10 minutes ago, feetupfun said:

I have an old Sammy Miller catalogue which says Ford sunburst red. I would think that any car paint supplier could mix this for you. For silver grey Ford silver fox is decent match as well. I have used both, quite happy with the result. Hope this helps............


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I see someone enjoyed your your whimiscal notion reply.In liverpool this is our slang spot on to us is want job perfect.My mind is not as it use to be i forget things old age.I have a lot of Bultacos most in bits and wanted to start building them.The other gentleman wear respectful with their answers.Yesterday was first time i ever wrote in any group furum and today my last as not well enough to fence with people or read their condescending replies


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Sorry if I offended you, no intent to do so. My apologies and don’t let a whimsical comment keep you from posting here there is a wealth of knowledge, advice and encouragement here, along with a smattering of ****ocks. Cheers 

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Tsk, tsk, Old man  - far too touchy.

You came here seeking advice - which was freely given. Everyone in this free world is entitled to his own opinion. No need to go off the deep end........

(This is from another old man with lots of Bultacos)

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53 minutes ago, Old man said:

Sorry does seem a bit overtop just health getting me down physically and mentally having a bad day with pain anyway will post pictures when done tank then start on other tanks.

Keeps you on your toes though doesn’t it.....discussion and such like? Seriously hope that your physical pain abates enough for you to enjoy your Bultaco....mine (Bultaco that is) has helped me through some real issues. 

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