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The original kickstart shaft breaks. Replacements can be custom made but are expensive.

Original plastic fuel tanks that haven't failed yet are a rarity.

The last model 350 is lots lighter than the first model and is good to ride (similar feeling to an SWM TL280)

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The Italjet was a bit of an underdog as it so closely mirrored Bultaco in most of the components. I had a 350 and was really pleased with the bike although I did not keep it long. It did everything competently and if maintained properly was reliable. It certainly stood out from the crowd resplendent in its bright green livery. ?

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On 1/2/2019 at 8:11 AM, bikestat said:

my piuma 250 also feels heavy but with footrests lowered and yokes modified to parallel it is now really nice to ride and the piuma was the lightest one made.its  mostly the engine and hubs that make it heavy.

Half a kilogram in rear hubs alone.




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