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Torque settings needed for 2004 TYS-125F


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Does anyone have a list of the torque settings for the 2004 era TYS125F? The owner's manual only lists a few. I need the settings for the four bolts that attach the fender stay to the fork stanchions. Any help appreciated.

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Thanks. Bolts can vibrate loose on a motorcycle, sometimes with unhappy consequences. Always good to use the correct torque settings and thread locker. 

The shop that overhauled my forks didn't do either, so on my first day out the bolt holding my fork-mounted speedometer fell out with the result being a broken speedo. I checked the other bolts holding the fender to the fork stay and they were all just finger tight.



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Sounds like whoever worked on it didn't do the job properly.  I have checked a manual for another bike with the same forks and they say 8-10 NM, threadlock recommended however none of my bikes have it.  To stop this happening in future put longer bolts in and add a nyloc nut on the longer bolt.



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In reality what will happen is the mudguard will come loose from the stay, this is fairly common.

Couple of years ago I rode across a big moor at the SSDT on a Scorpa and noticed as I hit "civilisation" (it's Lochaber about 1973) the mudguard fall off.

First person I met was Murdo  Mc Phail a legend up here who looked at me held out his hand and said " you want these"?  

Loads of bikes had just shaken the mudguards loose on the moor.




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