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  1. If you click on the pics they in large https://2bbikes.com/models
  2. Well the bike pictured is 2001/2003 Also you say you ride a 2000 280 txt Pro Sorry but the Pro model didn't come out until 2002 . check the Vin against pic
  3. Just join the two wires together that fit on your stat,ive used a car fuse,or just a piece of wire.If testing stat in boiiing water just set your multimeter to continuity,if stat open there will be a circuit ,new stats approx £20+ depending where puchased
  4. I would have thought if you removed the Evo rear wheel and tried the Rev 3 wheel you should be able to measure what size you require
  5. Bilko

    Serial number

  6. Bilko

    Serial number

    Best bet is drop a e mail to Beta uk https://www.beta-uk.com/index.php/contact-us
  7. Yes the 40 refers to number of spokes
  8. Can u fabricate something simular to pic even a straight bar with 2 studs across the top 2 holes to hold it
  9. Is it just the bolt or whole clutch basket that's turning when trying to slacken the bolt.If it's the whole clutch basket try putting a thick hand towel between the primary gear and clutch basket gear .that way it will lock the two but not do any damage to the teeth of either.used this method on a gas gas.Making sure locking tab is off the bolt
  10. Just a bit of Piston slap,nothing to worry about. Enjoy it.But if you do go down route of replacement..
  11. Couldn't you use these instead of the open type http://www.akbearings.co.uk/product.asp?P_ID=658 or these https://simplybearings.co.uk/shop/p166020/KOYO-62042RS-Rubber-Sealed-Deep-Groove-Ball-Bearing-20x47x14mm/product_info.html
  12. Bilko

    2008 rev 3 250

    Yes you can remove it,it will be quicker pick up ,and put a 270 top end on then it will be sharper lol
  13. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/254393497362?ViewItem=&item=254393497362
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