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  1. Bilko

    Engine cover

  2. Mine did the same 2009 Evo model just had new seals fitted when i bought it Stood in the house 1 week later seals started leaking Replaced the seals and 2 trials later started leaking o/s first then near/side yes they were fitted correctly done many Beta's and other models never had any problems previously my son is a mechanic at a trials shop and said they have had a few Beta's done that when standing.
  3. i have a complete stator from a ct 125 same as TL125 will post picture tomorrow.
  4. Try Richard Allen on FB does trials spares
  5. Should fit 94/5 used same mudguard have you a pic of the tank or without the mudguard.or its the wrong tank fitted.see pic of correct one. the tank you have looks like 96/7 in 98 went to alloy tank with the TX model
  6. The wheel in the pic didn't belong to the forks. dan williams ,thanks found same picture,also this picture
  7. Ok people found out there are from 2000 REV 3 cheers
  8. Checked all beta models with the USD forks not found any with the same fork guards or the 3 rings at the bottom of the legs. Stamped Paioli's wheel spindle needed tried several from different beta/aprilla models.
  9. Any one know make of these USD forks 3 distinctive rings on the lower legs.Thanks
  10. Have you tried the fan connected to a 12v battery it might be your stats thats packed up.
  11. Check this out.First 2 didgets engine size ie 25 = 250cc and 3rd and 4th is the yr then next 2 is the month,then yr again.https://2bbikes.com/models
  12. Found it on my Tablet np still not on my phone maybe its the firmware on the phone thats not updated.
  13. Can find it on my pc with the link but not on my phone.
  14. Playstore not finding the App
  15. Are you sure it's gone,common problem on sy 250 is the clutch lever above the engine that bends,result no clutch.
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