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  1. Bilko

    Spares and accessories at a trial

    Also some of these if you run tubeless rear tyre https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Tubeless-Tire-Repair-Tool-10pc-DIY-Flat-Car-Motorcycle-Home-Plug-Seal-Patch-Box/401727204580?hash=item5d88ceace4:g:2P0AAOSw6JZchqyu
  2. Bilko


    Google is your friend https://www.jsaccessories.co.uk/stores/braintree
  3. Bilko


    Yes just the small center bolt in the clutch hub .you can get a handbook and parts diagram here https://gasgas.com/en/manuals
  4. Bilko


    Kickstart gear and intermediate idle gear prone to chip.which is approx £150 for the pair. video how to replace if needed,
  5. Bilko

    Scorpa 250 easy fluid amounts and type

    Any good.
  6. Bilko

    Over heating issues with my 1998 txt 250

    96/2000 Wiring diagram.
  7. Bilko

    2010 Evo 250 - wear to coating on stanchions

    I have a 2007 SY 250 with the bottom cpl inches of coating worn but they don't leak.But you could get them re coated if needed.
  8. Bilko

    no start rev3

    Woodruff key sheared maybe
  9. Bilko

    Rev 3 plastics

    New https://trialstribulations.net/index.php?main_page=product_infoandcPath=33andproducts_id=1280andzenid=hncv4kp58c5p4f52ecvhkvu4n1
  10. Bilko


    This guy on FB posted this
  11. Bilko

    Rev 3 plastics

    No after market mudguards,Evo won't fit and depends what yr your after also 2000/3 no air filter cover. Removable Air filter cover on 2004/8
  12. Bilko

    Rev 3 Piston and plating

    Give these a ring http://www.langcourt.com/page27.html
  13. Looking at the pic looks like you need a new chain with the slack even without the tensioner,but as for fitting without splitting chain are you sure there is not a split link.there are 2 types of pads 1 open and 1 where you would have too split the chain and feed through it.As for chain size should be 520.pitch
  14. Looks like 98/99 model .But as said earlier probably pilot jet, Carb strip down needed.