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  1. Bilko

    Gas Gas TXT 250 03 edition

    Also 2002 TXT handbook here https://gasgas.com/en/manuals
  2. Bilko

    Gas Gas TXT 250 03 edition

    Looks like your bike has later forks fitted. You can find. rear mudguard here. https://2bbikes.com/Webwinkel-Product-136112255/2003-ed-rear-fender-red-txt.html
  3. Bilko

    New trials rider, old SY175 questions

    Check this post out.as mentioned sy250 air filters same.
  4. Bilko

    Wanted Beta TR34C frame

    Time Left: 17 days and 4 hours

    • WANTED
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    Wanted BetaTR34C main frame with bottom rails.Msg with Price and Location thanks


  5. Bilko

    Problem running

    Check pilot jet ,there a bugger for clogging up put a 17.5 in my 125 upgraded to 150cc used to be a bugger to start when cold,could be 10 mins or more trying to get it to tick over also check your choke tube there is a small hole below the plunger and i mean small.once i cleaned that out fires up first kick 3 turns out on mixture as said earlier spot on now.Choke on now starts first kick and no more coughing and spluttering for 5 mins while it warms up.
  6. Bilko

    Hello - I'm a newbie

    Welcome there's at least 3 clubs local to you Hillsborough. Sheffield and Hallamshire, and Barnsley Trials Club
  7. Bilko

    Montesa 315r what year is this bike???

    Might be registered in 2003 but still a 97 model
  8. Bilko

    Montesa 315r what year is this bike???

    As above should be 97 as for price it's what someone is willing to pay,but big difference between 97 and 2003,i know there used to be a bit of a cult following of these,but i had 1 and sold it within a week just couldn't get on with it.
  9. Bilko


    Yellow or White here https://2bbikes.com/Webwinkel-Category-5409501/Achterspatbord.html?Lng=en
  10. Bilko

    Gas Gas txt 200 1998

  11. Bilko

    Beta rev 3 2007 carb leaking

  12. Bilko

    Hello from East Yorkshire

    There's also Scunthorpe Trials Club
  13. Bilko

    TY175 serial # s