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  1. Bilko

    tl 125 s oil seep from gasket between barrel and head

    Nothing in the manual i have but these are from the cb sl 125 which is basically same engine
  2. Bilko

    2006 SY175F rear fender search

    I trimmed mine down as per pic made it a lot more flexible and bent it slightly with hot air gun and,held it on at the rear with cable ties rather than the bolts.because i have a habit of coming off.
  3. Bilko

    2006 SY175F rear fender search

    I bought 1 from here in uk but only do them in silver https://trialstribulations.net/index.php?main_page=product_infoandcPath=33andproducts_id=2640andzenid=jeaog2r7kcs841ip79ju9nngq7
  4. Bilko

    Montesa cota 247

    . just in case any one has one,this is what is required.i believe.
  5. Bilko

    2002 Beta Rev 3

  6. Bilko

    Some help please :)

    Going on the front forks and mudguard if original looks like 91 engine size depends if there is a model no anywhere
  7. Bilko

    2002 Beta Rev 3

    Sent you PM
  8. Bilko

    2002 Beta Rev 3

    It's a VM 26 i have one here for spares if needed has the gasket on.Only at Rawmarsh
  9. Bilko

    fantic 305 carb manifold question.....

    This any good
  10. Bilko

    Advice on age of this bike please.

    On the headstock between the triple trees and yes it wouldn't say Sherco 06
  11. Bilko

    Advice on age of this bike please.

    faussy Sorry your right thought it had the double frame tubes need my glasses on.but vin style still applies
  12. Bilko

    Advice on age of this bike please.

    2006/2009 With that frame yr should be the 10 didget example
  13. Bilko

    Swm 125 clutch slipping problem

    Looks like you have the correct number
  14. Bilko

    New to Trials - strip clean and learn!

    Looks very tidy
  15. Bilko

    little end bearing

    Have you tried here http://www.beamishownersclub.com/