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  1. Try Richard Allen on FB does trials spares
  2. Should fit 94/5 used same mudguard have you a pic of the tank or without the mudguard.or its the wrong tank fitted.see pic of correct one. the tank you have looks like 96/7 in 98 went to alloy tank with the TX model
  3. Bilko


    The wheel in the pic didn't belong to the forks. dan williams ,thanks found same picture,also this picture
  4. Bilko


    Ok people found out there are from 2000 REV 3 cheers
  5. Bilko


    Checked all beta models with the USD forks not found any with the same fork guards or the 3 rings at the bottom of the legs. Stamped Paioli's wheel spindle needed tried several from different beta/aprilla models.
  6. Any one know make of these USD forks 3 distinctive rings on the lower legs.Thanks
  7. Have you tried the fan connected to a 12v battery it might be your stats thats packed up.
  8. Check this out.First 2 didgets engine size ie 25 = 250cc and 3rd and 4th is the yr then next 2 is the month,then yr again.https://2bbikes.com/models
  9. Found it on my Tablet np still not on my phone maybe its the firmware on the phone thats not updated.
  10. Can find it on my pc with the link but not on my phone.
  11. Playstore not finding the App
  12. Are you sure it's gone,common problem on sy 250 is the clutch lever above the engine that bends,result no clutch.
  13. Well the 2003 model had a up and over front mudguard bracket,2004 on fork brace was straight across,between the fork legs.link shows you some differences http://www.motomerlin.co.uk/moto/motobeta.html
  14. Depends what machine but normally same bottom end but bigger bore
  15. Check your timing http://shercousa.com/pdfs/sherco_ignition_timing_guide.pdf
  16. Yes 98 model with fat bars as standard only Techno that had them.
  17. https://betausa.com/trials-hisotry/
  18. Looks like a single score mark on zooming in
  19. https://betausa.com/content/SUPPORT_PDF's/2016Evo3002towners manual.pdf https://betausa.com/content/SUPPORT_PDF's/2016 Beta Evo 2-Stroke Engine Service Manual.pdf https://betausa.com/content/SUPPORT_PDF's/2016 Evo 125-300 2-stroke & Factory.pdf Don't know how different fittings are on the earlier model to yours.https://cdn.shptrn.com/media/mfg/9825/spec_file/174260963.pdf
  20. Should be stamped on the crown of the piston,but can't see 1 on your pics,But what ever size you fit ,the barrel will need to be re nicosealed to suit.https://www.splatshop.co.uk/montesa-cota-315r-piston.html
  21. As said earlier 2001/2003 going on rear wheel 6 bolt pattern sprocket and rear mudguard also fork brace .
  22. Bilko

    Jungle barn find

    Picture might help identify
  23. Drops into the gearbox try and drain. hopefully it will come out with the oil.
  24. Bilko

    fork oil evo 2t 2018

    https://betausa.com/content/SUPPORT_PDF's/2018 evo 2 stroke owners manual.pdf
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