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2022 Evos


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See https://www.betamotor.com/en/moto/evo-2t-125-250-300/

So "major updates have been made to the graphics of the bike" plus "the air filter box is now red"! Oh, just to keep development going forward, "the suspension has been updated with revised fork settings to optimise the damping curve in both fully compressed and fully extended states".

Perhaps the pandemic.has restricted the development engineers' creative thoughts?

On the other hand I guess the existing bikes' capabilities far exceed those of the average rider so why change when a formula clearly works pretty well!


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Paint and stickers are nice enough I guess--  What i would like to see on all trials bikes is--  Air bleed valves on forks. Small oil drain screws on bottom of fork legs. Optional FMF style Turbine core spark arrestor style end caps on muffler. The bikes should also come with shop-service manual-  Europe bike builders-- PLEASE study the shop manuals that KTM-  bikes from Japan have closely.  You can do it !!   Pardon the spelling-  Dave in Ephrata, Wa.

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On 8/4/2021 at 7:45 PM, baldilocks said:

Beta should update the clutch to a diaphragm system, Bosi already make one I think ? Tech forks or better shock ? Not much else to change really

And an airbox that doesn't hoover up mud, water and leaves. On my Fantic 200 I cleaned the air filter about once every 6 or 8 rides. On the Beta, every time!

And a notch on the bottom right-hand side of the airbox so you can put a bleed nipple at the highest point in the rear brake hydraulics.

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4 hours ago, dan williams said:

So has anyone got a 2022 yet? How have the improved graphics affected your riding?😃

No, I bought a 2020 scorpa factory 300 few weeks ago. More affordable for me. Graphics ?  Motocross Action mag usually calls them Bold new graphics.  I prefer "Stickers " lol. I have theones that come in the boxes of parts i buy stuck on the fridge in the kitchen--  As you can guess- i am a single man--  There could be a woman that would find my fridge door nice looking----   I will keep looking and sticking more stickers--

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One of the attractions of the Beta to me is that they have just chipped away at the same basic machine for a long time so they're well sorted.

The clutch is really the only thing that I'd like to see updated.

The air filter is a non-issue for me, but I don't live in the soggy UK. I did start putting a thin sheet of (oiled) filter foam over the top as a pre-filter which works really well to keep the main filter clean longer and is super quick and easy to swap regularly.

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