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Graphics peeling…


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2021 4RT. The pointy bits (if you have one you’ll know) of the graphics are lifting. Only a tiny bit. What’s the best remedy and/or glue? Obvious option would be superglue but I don’t want residue which is impossible to remove!

Any ideas much appreciated.

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Be very careful about using any kind of glue on graphics, many glues cause them to melt.

The best way I've found is to thoroughly clean the back of the graphic (surprisingly, you can use a little petrol without it removing the glue) and then simply use a hot air gun/hairdryer to reattach the graphic.

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The best way i have found is to use spray adhesive, ( No nonsense contact adhesive, by a well known building material supplier £4.38).

Peel the sticker back until you get a clean bit, then remove any dirt with brake cleaner or similar, I scrape the muck away with a blade. If its just the edge, spray some adhesive into the lid and then get a cotton bud and dab it on the sticker, wait 30 seconds, then press down firmly and you're done, any excess can be cleaned up with brake cleaner.

If its a big area of sticker, either take the whole thing off and spray straight from the can, or leaving it half attached, cover all surrounding areas and spray onto the sticker and wait 30 seconds and press down.

My stickers have been stuck down for over two years now.

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Other than using a spray adhesive called Supper 77 here in the US I do it the same as peter_steer.

PS. If I can't find the adhesive spray I have also had some luck with a bit of careful use of brake cleaner and some heat but it dose not last as long as the Supper 77 in my opinion. 

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Thanks all - much appreciated. Will clean and crack on with the spray adhesive.

Wish the side stand was that simple - why can’t Honda/Montesa sort this?!

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