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I can tell you from first hand knowledge that Mr. Greeves's Bultacos ARE a work of art, they are beautiful, AND... they work very well also.

Greeves, I think you must come over for the Inverness "Highland Two Day Pre-65 & Twinshock Trial" in June! Then you can ride your Bultaco in the Highlands, near Aviemore.

My friend Jock McComiky says it is the second best trial in the world (second only to the "Pre-65 Scottish Trial" of course!)

Big John

Hi Big John.

I was going to start a thread on the Highland Two Day abit closer to the time ,but as you mentioned it,i was wondering if you know the date's of it and where the best place to stay whilst im there.

Many Thank's.


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We dreamed about having those bikes, and we dramed about driving them in trials, specially in Scotland, but very few could do it then.

Now there are many of those who dreamed about that, that can afford it, and can have this bikes and even use them arround in our classic trials. I think this madness is more about recovering impossible dreams from our youth

I think you have summed up perfectly why some of us seem to have gone mad and taken on projects to rebuild and own various makes of trials bikes that we would have liked to have owned when they were new - certainly the reason why I have aquired a few. They were bikes I would love to have ridden at the time but couldn't afford to. Or in other instances, bikes that I started out on. If I can ever get some finished I can't wait to get out and ride them in classic events - hopefully the Robregordo next year for one on an Ossa special.

You have a superb collection of Bultacos

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Thanks Old Trials Fanatic, also Merry Cristmas to you. Derbyshire........ I have very good trials friends from there. In fact I have been riding arround Derbyshire with old trials bikes. Nice place and best moments there with my friends.

Cleaning some old files from my compter, I have just found this original brochure about the Bultaco model 10 in English. Just notice in Bultaco 1965 they hand wrote some parts of the document for marketing. There where hard times in Spain....

Part 1 of 4 Part 2 of 4

Part 3 of 4 Part 4 of 4


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Hello,I see your talking about old sherpas,I have model 199b in bits and a 71 250 thats is ridable.The 199b needs much work.I am trying to figure if it is worth fixing or to sell on e bay.Does anyone know what the model 199b are selling for.Thanks JR

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