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Honda TLR 200 v Fantic 240


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Ok., for discussion, what would be the pros and cons for both machines?

Consider that both bikes have had a full rebuild and also have all required frame mods done etc.

Heavily built rider 200lbs (90kgs)  This is code for overweight 😂


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Pro for the Honda engine is the relative engine parts availability.  Fantic is potentially more competitive if you can keep it running.  Much depends on terrain and level you plan to ride to.   Fantic is a hard sell where I live, ymmv.

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I've owned both and enjoyed them equally. Both had virtually every mod available. Suspensions can be set up to perform pretty much the same and they have similar weights. The major difference is power and how it's delivered. The Fantic motor is much closer to a modern bike and delivers substantially more power than the TL. That doesn't mean I preferred it to the TL, it just needs to be ridden differently. Set up right ($), they can both be very competitive bikes. 

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05B4F490-DAB0-40FA-914A-49E5F5A66B4A.thumb.jpeg.1f84a31f277590d82e9b2edb50c365c2.jpegHaving owned both i will say they are completely different and its simply down to what you like.

I had a very nice well rebuilt 240 fantic. If it has just been rebuilt you shouldn't need to worry about things like piston availability, believe there are pattern ones anyway. Other parts including reproduction plastics etc are available. About as competitive a twinshock as you can get, rode great steared well, brakes ok ish if relined with softer compound. 240 engine likes to be revved and has plenty of power. Quite a tall feeling bike, even with footpegs altered. I'm 6'2 and always felt high up. Despite not being able to fault it I just didn't like it. Never actually enjoyed it. I

TLR, love it, but i prefer 4 strokes. Footpegs done, parallel yokes trials cdi from tyoffroad, high lift cam and kevlar clutch plates all help. This is where the decision is a personal one. I love the look of the Honda, the sound and the low down 4 stroke plonk. It still has enough power for most things unless you want to fire it up a cliff and need instant power when you drop the clutch(i dont!)  It just makes me smile. No issues with parts but reliability is excellent anyway. Front forks need, at least, progressive springs as the front end is quite "dead" I've just bought an air cartridge system from HFS suspension in Spain but yet to test it.  


The bikes are so different you really need to try and get a ride on each to see what you prefer.

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Genuine Seeley, it even came with a nice authorisation letter from Colin Seeley.

I painted the tank cover and fitted genuine Seeley stickers and made a neat sidestand from a pair of Renthals, and generally tarted it up.

Made a neater silencer

It rode very well.





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