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Yamaha Tyre Pressure Gauge


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At Chairlift on Thursday morning a friend of mine loaned me his pristine Yamaha pressure gauge & unfortunately I proceeded to loose it somewhere between the bottom of the first section & the begin cards of the 3rd section.

Is there anybody out there that can help me replace this item?

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you can have mine in exchange for an extra hour at the Scott :D

You know that HL & Cam are in charge of time keeping this year, so you also know that getting extra time out of those two will be impossible. Ask Ishy, Dabill & Brown they all tried & FAILED.

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i dont really no what that is but im guessung that is vintage? i dont no if you guys no jamsport in wrecclesham but there is a tiny vintage bike shopon the same road called rocker box you may be able to get one in there! hope this helps! :thumbup:



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No I haven't. StuHRC is over for the Scott in a few weeks & if last year is anything to go by he'll wake up laid on the floor in our living room. It'd be grand if Santa came early & left a new pressure gauge on his pillow.

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