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  1. Hello guys, Thanks for the answers. I never saw de additional silencer cap from KTP. Does dis thing make a great diffecence in power delivery? For use at home in the garden power is not the bigg thing....a quit bike is nessecary for my. Greathings Luc
  2. Hello i had a Beta evo 4T 300 - year 2011 which is now from my brother. I was wondering if some one could tell my if the new montesa 260 sounds not so loud like the old 4rt. The Beta 4T sounds like a sewing-machine and that's nice for the neighbours. Maybe the new Montesa is quiet as well. Greathings Luc
  3. Thanks guys, i loved the Beta but cant find one verry clean and road registered. The 315 was and is a good alternative for me. I felt the clutch and said...ok great quality. I now goint to try to find the original headlight because i like that more but thats a detail. Greathings Luc
  4. Hello the bike is not cheap and not expensive at 1.400£. I can buy the bike from the second owner who owened him for the last 10 years and rode 5 times on it. Everething looks good and the bike is road registered so i think i'm gïng to buy the bike. My Beta Rev3 250 was also verry clean but i noticed that the build quality of the montesa is much better / more solid. Greathings Luc
  5. Hello afther riding a Beta Rev3 250CC (novice level) i had no trial for 2 jears. I recently bought a Beta Rev 3 4-stroke and dont like the bike / the 4-stroke engine. I just found an almost new Montesa Cota 315R in superb condition. Do you think it would be a good choiche to restart with for a verry low leveled novice? At this moment i dont (can not) ride technical trial stuff. The most of the time i ride up- and downwards in the woods and rivvers. Greathings Luc (the Belgium novice)
  6. Thanks for the answer. Do you now iff i need to enlarge the cable? Greathings Luc
  7. Hello afther 2 years off 2T riding i bought recent the EVO 300 4T. I'm concerned for the location of the ignition box / CDI. The box is located verry low down on side of the engine. I don't think this is a great place for riding in the water, mud,... Does anyone relocated the box?? I would like to know more about it. Thanks & greathings Luc The Belgium rider.
  8. Thank you for the answer. To long to wait. I gues i have to buy the 2011. Greathings Luc
  9. Hello i would like to buy a new beta trials bike. I would like to kwow when Beta is comming upp with the 2012 models. Does some one know what is changing? Greathings Luc Te Belgium biker.
  10. Yep, way to loud...i would go for the original exhaust. Greathings Luc
  11. Thank you for the answer. In Belgium there are not a lot of places where it is poussible to ride. A quiet bike would be nice for me. Greathings Luc
  12. Hello i'm riding a Rev 250cc /2007 and would like to buy a new evo. I'm thinking off an 300 Evo 4-stoke and would like to know iff the 4-stoke runs more silent than the 2-stoke. In Belgium the 4-strokes are realy hard to find. What is your experience? Greathings Luc
  13. Hello i see you had a 08 rev 4 300cc. Was it a fine bike to ride? I woul like to buy one because i don't have the monney for the evo. I know a guy who is selling his Rev4 300cc (1ste ower and rode it 3 times) for 3150
  14. Thank you guys. I'm going to buy a Rev 270 and iff i don't like is i'm gouing to change te cilinger in to a 250cc. Greathings Luc
  15. Hello does annyone know the price (+/-) off a complete cilinder + piston set form my beta Rev 3 250cc - 2008? Greathigs Luc the belgium rider