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  1. Yes it possible to fit larger amp batteries as long as same diamentions as old 1's I fitted 12amp to grandsons Oset and charger would be ok also.try E bay for purchase.
  2. Yes Dan was observing at Grimethorpe also.
  3. No i was the Observer on sec 9 still suffering after a fall 3 weeks ago .
  4. I see you made it danbillam and 1ist place nice.No i was the observer on section 9
  5. Read this.Marking the same as Solo but passenger must not touch the ground ACU Handbook.pdf
  6. I see you made it danbillam and 1ist place nice.
  7. Also the Stators fail,saying that iv'e had 3 and had no problems,rear shock can be rebuilt by Andy Dawson if need be.had to have my rear done,and what a difference it made.
  8. It is a narrow single road.up to the Venue but you should be ok tight turn in to the parking area.I should try and get there early if possible not the largest parking area.
  9. As b40rt says try Richard Allen
  10. SY 250 is Scorpa
  11. Or could fit 1 of these Trials znd MotorCross nearly double price lol
  12. There's this set on E Bay. normally about 33inch wide or these if you don't want to wait.
  14. If that's a small piece can't imagine what a big bit would be like.
  15. This is earlyist Rev 3 handbook available Rev Owners manual.pdf Unless someone has a original