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  1. Have u checked your gearbox drainplug
  2. It will if there ACU registered clubs,need a ACU licence
  3. Well part no from beta spares list for 2005 Rev 3 yes same as 99 Techno at least.but not 97/98 Diagrams/Mototrial/Full Size/2005 Rev 250-270 2 stroke.pdf Diagrams/Mototrial/Full Size/1999 Techno 250 2 stroke.pdf
  4. Try Beta UK.part no 27-241192 size 3x254c 169 27-241193 3x256c 169 Nipple 23-10100 or here.
  5. Manuals/Mototrial/2009-2012 Evo 2 stroke Engine.pdf
  6. You can get a Manual here. Manuals/Mototrial/2012 Evo 125-300 2 stroke.pdf
  7. If you want someone to go around with you at the Barnsley events,i will keep a eye out for you.
  8. 2014/15/16 uses 15x21x12 needle roller bearings
  9. I done one few yrs back not too difficult,didn't use a crankcase splitter only flywheel puller. You can download this engine manual which which is for the EVO but basically same engine. Manuals/Mototrial/2009-2012 Evo 2 stroke Engine.pdf
  10. Gas Gas not listing a 2011 only last model 2010 without info but 2009 is 310cc sae5wt per leg.
  11. Which yr
  12. On the ltr model 315r Air Screw 1 turn out,from from fully in as a starting position ,and adjust as it warms up.In to richen out to weaken
  13. Only with the frame no's or unless you take the head of to measure the bore dia.ID yes for the 270 model
  14. So it look like a 270. ZD3T3000040000001(125cc) ZD3B9000040010809(200cc) ZD3T3010140000001(250cc) ZD3T3010340000001(270cc)
  15. I would have said 05 used to have same only 250.