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  1. Yes try super unleaded it was common problem on the Techno well mine used to do it also.
  2. Welcome have you tried Bumpy at Birdstall Leeds ideal for what you require,and they do family membership.
  3. Get to the next Evening trial next Wednesday at 6.30 Westwood at least you will get a ride, and .If you are who i think you are.Or nip up to Bumpy at Kirkstall Leeds £15 none members for a practice open every day.
  4. Remove your pads and check them also check your disc i had same problem on a Gas Gas i used to own,Pads might be worn or contaminated.also there is also a clutch adjusting screw just under the mid box for your clutch.well there is on my 2007 might be a good idea to change your gearbox oil if you have just bought it.
  5. Nearest club to you is also there's Bumpy at Birstall Leeds that's open every day for practice and you can get a family membership which would be cheaper than individual membership.
  6. Sorry just been informed it's been sold
  7. There's 1 local to me on Facebook £270 ono
  8. 2000 MONTESA 315 1997 = V VTDMT03AOVE300001 1998 = W VTDMT03AOWE300001 1999 = X VTDMT03AOXE300001 2000 = Y VTDMT03AOYE300001 2001 = 1 VTDMT03A01E300001 2002 = 2 VTDMT03A02E300001 2003 = 3 VTDMT03A03E300001 2004 = 4 VTDMT03A04E300001
  9. Have u checked your gearbox drainplug
  10. It will if there ACU registered clubs,need a ACU licence
  11. Well part no from beta spares list for 2005 Rev 3 yes same as 99 Techno at least.but not 97/98 Diagrams/Mototrial/Full Size/2005 Rev 250-270 2 stroke.pdf Diagrams/Mototrial/Full Size/1999 Techno 250 2 stroke.pdf
  12. Try Beta UK.part no 27-241192 size 3x254c 169 27-241193 3x256c 169 Nipple 23-10100 or here.
  13. Manuals/Mototrial/2009-2012 Evo 2 stroke Engine.pdf