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  1. That was a nice mixture of bikes.
  2. I also had a miller sump guard fitted when i bought the bike. I can only echo what everyone else is saying, it works well protecting the bike, but you can't use it on a bike stand. So I ended up getting one from Chris at Meriden Off Road. So far it's been great, it slots right on, it's stable on a bike stand and seems to do a good job protecting the cases. What more can you ask for for under 40 quid. You can see it here.
  3. Chris at Meriden Off Road advised me to use straight 30 for everything on a cub. This is what I've always used and my cub runs beautifully
  4. I haven't used them myself, but told me they can rebuild a 348 engine no problem. Might be worth a call.
  5. It looks well cared for!
  6. Less throttle maybe
  7. Inside your forks there will be aluminium pistons. These fit inside the stanchions and the tolerance is small. They tend to develop small hairline cracks on the surface, then they swell and jam inside the stanchions. I managed to source some NOS parts from Spain, but even though they were in a sealed bag, they too were cracked. Long story short I managed to reduce the diameter of these aluminium pistons slightly and they now work perfectly Have fun!
  8. Knowing my old man it could be in his hand and he wouldn't hear it.
  9. My old man recently had issues with his barn being broken into (luckily no bikes were taken). But he has since installed an alarm, which contains a sim card. The alarm unit is hidden and once the beam is broken it doesn't make any noise, it just calls his phone. Giving him time to either call the police or disturb them himself.
  10. On a side note, how do you find the heavyweight forks? My cub has metal profile forks, but I’m considering sourcing an original pair of heavyweight forks for it instead.
  11. I couldn't agree more. One of the things I have always loved about trials is the fact that the average rider can service and repair their bike at home in the shed or garage. Cars have moved on so much that you need a lot of specialist equipment and an in-depth knowledge of computers to get most things done. When something does go wrong it usually isn't repaired, it is unbolted and a whole new unit is put back on. In terms of future developments I am sure they will continue to increase usable power delivery and shave weight. Then one day someone will come out with an idea we never knew we needed and change everything.
  12. Stick your puller on and wind it up. Take it as tight as it will go. Then tap the end of the puller the end with a hammer, sending the shock into the crank shaft. Loosen off the puller then repeat the process. This is how I did it and it took about 30 minutes and 3 or 4 attempts, applying pressure, tapping the end of the shaft etc.. It eventually just popped off whilst the puller was tight and I was standing around chatting.
  13. It’s worth considering falcons are fully rebuildable by the manufacturer. I know people have managed to rebuild Betors, but I’m not sure of the results. Without wanting to throw a spanner in the works I had the same conundrum a couple of months ago. I needed to replace some worn out Betors on a cub & someone recommended njb experts. They are 115 for the steel bodies and 165 for the alloy. I got myself some steel shocks and so far they’ve been great, no complaints. I know that James Lampkin and Dan Thorpe both used them in the pre 65 SSDT, this year.
  14. I had my eye on this too, but decided I have too many bikes already. Looks like a beauty and you got it at a good price too.
  15. I have a Fantic 200 and I love it. I've owned it for nearly 3 years and have never had an issue, it starts easily every time. Spares are fairly easy to find and there are a few specialists about (Bill Pye and Bob Wright). To ride, the bike feels really light and easy to handle and it always has enough power. I love them.