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  1. whooooooooooooooooo that Looks really original and exciting NOT !!!!!!!!!!!!!! VERTIGO much more interesting
  2. charlie i have followed this topic with intrest and regulary check out the otter bsa website as i find it very informative and a good read, as far as the super cub go s i think its a great bike especilly the john bliss version , would love one myself. can see your reason behind it and why youre so passionate about it but why get so hung up about it being a classic trials bike or being eligable in classic trials? just enjoy it in club trials or twinshock class
  3. some one else to try . kevin breedon racing, look him up on google
  4. any info on andrew paxtons bike, looks quite standard with swans neck frame
  5. from my experience ihave found teng tools be good quality, but find halfords professional range hard to beat, nice to use ,good quality and value. as for draper expert range waste of time
  6. seem to remember the tl 180 was bored and and the stroke altered to acheive 180 cc
  7. got a piston and all.bits i need just got to get it back together now
  8. guys any ideas on piston suppliers for rotax trials engines, do wiseco do any thing suitable ? going to make a big effort to get bike sorted next year , just stuck at the moment on finding rotax parts since peter knight retired.
  9. any suggestions on a rotax dealer I could try ? since peter knight retired I have struggled to find parts , any help would be appreciated
  10. hi guys , need a new piston for tx240 ,any ideas where to try for one, will probably be 1st oversize cheers
  11. perhaps its down to the venues used, most are now worn out ,endless mud and tree roots, could do with using the clee hills again (still open to the mx boys!!!) most rocky venue in the midland centre must now be leamingtons victory field !
  12. yes two routes, easy and even easier
  13. stourbridge trials have a reputation for having a routes suitable for all the above mentioned , cant see how they can make the easy route any easier
  14. hi t shock regarding the mod lifting the barrel 2mm, have had a look at mine and sure enough the piston covers the port by approx 2mm, after rasing the barrel is it nessasary to remove material from the top of the barrel to maintain the same compression