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  1. Best tyres for a beginner on a Fantic 303

    I like the Dunlop 803GP. Good grip and if you hunt a bit, great pricing too!
  2. Hello from DELAWARE , I ride YAMAHA TY 250 A/B

    Awesome looking TY! Find a nice YZ clutch over for it to really make it trick!!! And then go out in the woods and play.
  3. What did I buy?

    Nice find! Go take it out for a few easy rides and get used to how she feels. Then figure out what updates are needed. I think you will love it!
  4. What Did You Do To Your Bultaco Today?

    Finished and perhaps the easiest starting bike I've ever owned! One half kick and it purrs!
  5. What Did You Do To Your Bultaco Today?

    Spent the day polishing and slowly putting my Alpina 212 back together again. Baby steps...
  6. I've Just Bought a Fantic!

    If I'm aboard, it's going S-L-O-W... Thanks for the encouragement and looking forward to a fun ride.
  7. I've Just Bought a Fantic!

    When I saw Brewtus found one, I had to grab this 305! Rode it around the yard today and it's going to be an awesome bike!!! She needs some love, as a former owner thrashed it around pretty hard. I have some grand plans for her...
  8. Pile of Yamahas

  9. I've Just Bought a Fantic!

    Very nice!
  10. Alpina 212 - Turn it into a trials bike?

    Merry Christmas!!! Today Santa stopped by (I must have been a VERY GOOD boy this year!) and dropped of my holiday red and green bikes! So excited to get these going again. Found the Alpina had fat spark and started up on the very first kick in my shop! And put a dab of Mother's polish on the fender of the Sherpa and it looks like a mirror!!! Hope everyone has a great holiday ahead!!!
  11. Alpina 212 - Turn it into a trials bike?

    Well... found a bike for my buddy! A great friend spotted this and soon it will be in the woods again, crashing into trees!!! Love this community of people helping each other foolishly relive our youth. It's a M191, so the M212 can stay a trail bike and go fast!
  12. Alpina 212 - Turn it into a trials bike?

    They seemed to have green paint available in 1979...
  13. Alpina 212 - Turn it into a trials bike?

    Love the comments and cool-headed thoughts. I might just polish this old beauty up and keep it as a nice trail bike for someone to love again. Just was a little curious about changing things, but I bet with a talented rider (NOT ME!) it could look cool going through a section too! I just couldn't let this bike rot away... Thanks!
  14. Alpina 212 - Turn it into a trials bike?

    Looked over for some info about turning a Model 212 into a trials bike. Judging by catalog photos, the frames look very similar. Are the triples different? Other than the tank/seat, and guessing the motor, any major differences? Want to turn this into a slow bike, but if it's too much work, will leave it a trail bike. Thanks for any info/help you can provide!
  15. Yamaha Ty80b

    In short - ATF works fine in the gearbox and keeps the clutch plates from sticking. If the oil pump is still in working condition, two-stroke injection oil goes in the smaller, white tank. ENJOY your little bike!