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  1. Is it just me?

    Turkeys and Christmas spring to mind🤣🤣
  2. Scott trial- What to expect/how to prepare

    The white rose national is coming up - worth a ride around there to get a feel for a big lap national
  3. Scott trial- What to expect/how to prepare

    Bike prep - read some of the SSDT bike prep articles written by John Lampkin and John Shirt - especially keeping mud out of rads and air box etc. The monts are sturdy beasts so a good general fettle - check fluids, new brake pads, spokes, linkages etc - a larger bash plate f not already fitted or the SSDT type protectors etc. I found last time that the enduro / motorcross type donuts on the grips helped reduce blisters . Would suggest getting the bike sorted a week or 2 in advance then ride it to make sure everything bedded in and tight -then just a good once over the week before. If you can find a bit of land with stream sections and a biggish lap with moor work or similar then just practice ridding it for several hours without stopping - when you can do that for a few hours and still feel ok youl'll be ok to the first petrol stop ..
  4. Must not miss 2/3 trials in 2018/19

    Not strictly a 2 day trial but if the 2 S3 rounds in wales run together a gain then a cracking weekend - Powys and Lomax If your over 40 a couple of double header Normadales worth doing Longmynd run by South Shropshire is also a good event
  5. stupidity prize?

    I do know for a certain rider that cleaned the inside of the airbox and left the paper towel in - bike ran fine on tick over but stopped abruptly when the throttle was opened sufficient to suck the said towel into the inlet tract - I've heard of cleaning your carb but thats
  6. Trial tyres

    Priobably changed wheel bearings too - he did that in Allan jefferies trial many years ago !! The old ssdt 15 mins in a morning fettling time made you focus when av tyre change was due - non of this 30 mins and a spare wheel nonsense 🤣🤣👍
  7. Trial tyres

    Lay the wheel flat and dig your heal into the bead - if stubborn jump up and down. best thing is you can find your heal on top of a mountain or on any moor - unless you’ve had a really big crash that caused the puncture . akso front tube will work in the back save carrying 2
  8. 4rt repsol. Dropping engine speed

    Had that on full throttle but not at zero throttle - I think there maybe a screw for zero position ??
  9. 4rt repsol. Dropping engine speed

    What idle speed have you got it set at?
  10. 4RT Cam shaft seal

    I’m sure any Honda dealer will sort you out. If you have a part number they won’t care what bike it’s on . The beauty of owning a major manufacture made bike. probably get it next day👍👍
  11. First Aid at Trials

    As an acu coach I do a first aid course every few years to get my licence. As a national clerk of course for a British champ we ensure we have first aid cover . As a manager in a manufacturing company we make sure we have first aiders but in reality all any body needs to do is stop anybody getting any worse until an ambulance can get to them - so cpr/ recovery position/ clear airways / diabetic shock / stop a major bleed etc are all you need to know. And make sure the officials and riders know where you are if they need to call 999 - bobs farm doesn’t help much - makes sure you have map coordinates and know if an ambulance / air ambulance can get to you. Sprains , strains even broken digits pack them off to local a&e which you have displayed at the start area. Triangular bandages and slings are for scouts in reality . i think a defib at £700 odd is worth owning by every centre if not club - with ever increasing average age this is going to be the best life saver as us old git push our bikes out for a 3. The youngster with a big crash will probably jump back on and blame the observer just my 2 penny
  12. Gas Gas factory bike detail

    I think last night was a bit Honda HRC and also a bit CZ with some Oset, bantam, tiger cub and MZ thrown in and a Vertigo just after the restart for extra time (couldn't get started )
  13. Gas Gas factory bike detail

    Evidently we invented football but will see later where that gets us too ???
  14. Gas Gas factory bike detail

    Think that's a bit like saying you had tv in the 60s so a modern voice activated, internet linked LED wide screen TV isn't cutting edge -just my take on it
  15. Gas Gas factory bike detail

    Twin spark maybe but firing them independently and changing the relationship of the timing to alter engine performance to make to aggressive or soft dependent on throttle demand is a bit more than CZ did I think