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  1. Early 260 monts with the black tech forks devoured seals . I found the only ones that worked were the green skf ones .A bit pricey but solved the issue .
  2. Don't leave it to dry in - swill any mud off if you can at the trial or hose down as soon as you get home. I then treat it like normal washing - leave in a pile on the floor and it turns up folded and clean in my trials bag ( I do have an exceptionally understanding wife and one that washes her horse and riding gear just before mine goes in) Horse hair in the undies works well for improving your movement on the bike!! A normal 40 wash normally gets mine ok with a reasonable quality detergent. Might need a longer wash every now and then or after a particular long and muddy national trial etc I even find oil and lube comes out after a few washes .
  3. Soak them in water then wear them watching telly a few evenings
  4. my 05 and 07 software doesn't - i know that.
  5. I think the 2010 software is also what is needed for later ptb like on 300 rr
  6. trials training wales - sign up and come along and we can help. A medium size object is good - 2 to 2.5 ft = you should be virtually walking pace and all technique and body movement Its often hard to understand what you are doing unless you have somebody watching and advising. Are you competing in south wales - ask at a trial or join in at a practice venue. All the best
  7. Not sure if you can download the software without the discs but maps are available via email, web sites etc. Do you have the leads etc. Below is a very useful site for 4rt owners
  8. It’s also tough but not hard so won’t crack or snap. will rust so needs coating - paint / plating etc
  9. I recall standard mudguard stay was a flat steel affair. Sammy miller used to do an improved one and I made one for mine as you say mounting on outside of lugs possibly 2 piece to improve clearance
  10. It’s The living room in my world. 👍
  11. I have the sidi trial boots after a long time with gaerne. I find the extra support much better in the sidi and they seem to be a lot more durable . The sole is a lot thicker and means more support especially on a long trial. not sure current price but where also a lot cheaper at the time
  12. Ps dont forget to kick over the pot you have just collected the oil in ☹️😂😇
  13. No but it bolts straight back on 😇
  14. I guess it’s a bit like shaving . you don’t realise what a pain it is unless you grow a beard. you have to change oil in the gearbox on a 2t. To change the engine oil and filter as well takes an extra 10 mins every 3 months - 40 mins a year , that’s a lot less than needed to clean your carb out every other weekend.👎 Compared to The hassle of buying 2 Stoke oil, buying exactly 4 litres mixing and swilling , then spilling then having 2.5lts left in your tin from the last trial so you can’t get 4 Litres in your Tin to make up a new batch and what you have left isn’t enough for this weekend so you need 2 tins / you telling me that is easy . you don’t know how much of a fuss it is until you go to the garage and buy just the amount of fuel you want for that particular weekend . maybe It isn’t a big thing still makes me smile when my 2t mates is spilling petrol down his arm at the start of a trial tho🙈😂 .
  15. Also don't drain the gearbox or engine oil by mistake and the put the new oil into the opposite place. Did something similar first year I had the 4rt after from switching from the 315r - old habits die hard and it was at the inter centre trial and think alcohol may have been involvedi. Couldnt work out why the oil was so high up the dip stock then realized I had drained gearbox and filled engine