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  1. I think you would struggle to find section that would allow such a varied ability level without compromising either the top level or the lower levels. How many riders would you have competing at any one time - with all those classes would be up 100 riders - I think queuing would be an issue over 3 laps. Good youth A can compete in full BTC as can good females. Double headers are good for travel but means club officials have to commit to 2 days observing etc. Maybe have 2 rounds close by - to reduce travel cost .
  2. Entry wise? Organisation or section severity?
  3. First Question is why? What are you hoping to achieve or is it just something you want to do? Your wallet could be lots of pounds lighter and that's all.
  4. And on the 8th day god made sections
  5. Honda are going to develop 1cylinder of the hybrid McLaren/ Honda F1 engine as evidently the soft lower power output will be spot on for trials. Watch out for the Spanish dream team of fernando alonso and Toni bou!!
  6. I heard they had the power and engine response spot on with the prototype fuel injected bike - just finalising the jet that squirts fuel direct onto the floor to maintain the beta tradition.
  7. Fuel pump or filter.. how old is bike.? check previous posts on cleaning filter - the small sock one on end of filter.
  8. Does it start again after o few mins stopped? When it starts playing up does it die on full throttle but ok on tick over- then gradualllg get worse when you appply the throttle?
  9. sounds like fuel pump or blocked fuel filter sock filter. check posts on fuel pump fixes
  10. If floating disc then try some silicon on the top hat spacers to take out some play. Check non of the disc bolts have come loose catching the fork/caliper as tyre goes round. as other say -check wheel bearings and head bearing etc
  11. 👍Have been using same gasket many times by doing this . have also used a bit of sealant if a gasket tears just to make sure.
  12. On a not so high high profile note I noticed when observing dougie at the st davids British champ many years ago that he lost his marks on the slippery cambers not the big stuff. As c of c for the last few years of the st davids btc we have put some big stuff in for the crowds but we know the marks will be taken in the loose streams and mud that don't look mutch and the riders dislike but takes marks without killing people. Not fashionable but proper sections. Have faith and put on s proper British wtc I say.
  13. Steering needed first on our neddy. He can stop and go no problem just not necessarily in the direction or speed you had in mind🤣 On a serious note we are slipping very quickly into a total nanny state. If you want safety devices surely market forces should alllow you to buy what you want!! .
  14. There are numerous posts on this if you have a search but consensus is as above for engine or similar and the elf htx oil or atf for gearbox . typically every 6 weeks. Change engine oil filter every other oil change .
  15. I find if you don't do the full stroke with the lever and look into the reservoir you can see air coming out of the piston cylinder inlet hole. If you do that a few times resistance may come back as the cylinder is full of oil not air. If you do full strokes with air in in just goes down the pipe. I have changed a hose at a trial and managed to bleed with this method. You could try sucking on the end of the pipe attached to bleed nipple but make sure pipe is a clear one and long enough or you chips will be tasting of DOT 4 tonight!! Maybe set your lever as horizontal as possible to get as much fluid in the reservoir to cover the hole.