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  1. Fuel injection is so reliable and consistent they are obviously trying to fill the gap it leaves by not having to mess with a carb all the time with complicated switches and gizmos. having had a 2 map switch on 4rt for many years and lap to to put a multitude of options in i found a map that suited and then taped the switch in one position. Never felt the need to change maps per section etc. fuel injection should be a fit and forget once you have the map of choice.
  2. Will it need a reflector and a bulb horn ??
  3. Still easier to do with the bike on its side as the cable to the flywheel cover is not stressed. Bash plate off as well to avoid any problem with gasket. And put the the "new" oil in before refitting the cover - much quicker than pouring through that little hole if you don't.
  4. std plates seem to work ok but regular de -glazing helps stop judder. If after market plates made the regular strip down obsolete then I can see the benefit -depending on the cost.
  5. pictures and press release out and about for the 260 model.-basically the same but colors, bash plate tweak etc. Pictures on inty web of a 2018 300rr but basically the same with stickers and a new stand
  6. Share the deal - much more interesting than wtc. bou is going to win and everybody will still be moaning stop allowed - no stop .yes he did - no hi didn’t . if busty to gg then Toby to mont may be best move of all??
  7. I have the old serial port with usb adapter connector cable and 32 bit software. Maybe the latest is 64 bit software is different or has different map format.
  8. Ok tried to talk to throttle body saturday. I used bike to prrogram a older twin map throttle body so knew all was working . The softawre went through its normal cycle when reading maps but at the end came up with an error - data of wrong type (or similar) this happens if trying to read twin map with single map software and vice versa. Tried a couple of times but no luck. If ptb is a non program one normally says can’t shift Ecu into transmission mode. This didn’t come up. So not sure if there is more modern software needed -I’m using 07 rtl program. Or the throttle body is not able to be changed. The “full power “ map #2 as standard is pretty awesome so not sure there is much I want to change anyways but would be good to know.
  9. 2000 rpm is just above tickovef as well. What’s max rpm/ volume
  10. Have used Gaerne for a long time but over this period have become less and less durable and less and less protective and more and more expensive. I bought a pair of sidi boots last year and find them excellent quality, durability and very good suppport. Maybe not 100% waterproof but after a while npn are and I find skin pretty waterproof. With good socks even wet feet soon warm up- wet suit principal .
  11. The yam probably had most centre experts on them at the time as they were that good. Anybody who swapped mounts got better . When your mates start beating you you follow suit. I always look at what local riders do when they change bikes - better - worse - no difference then make a decision . add in cost , reliability, colour , parts I already have etc
  12. I think the correct analogy is maybe the ossa is/was the I phone. You think you wanted one and is going to change your world but in the end just lets you down, is unreliable and awkward to use and an I phone is even worse !! The 4rt is an old Nokia brick . Never been trendy or slim and sexy and doesn’t have a voice saying “ how can I help you” but if you want to go riding all day with minimum fuss or make a phone call it does what is says on the can. ( and it doesn’t do blooomin predictive text when you type on a motorbike part)
  13. PS And have time to worry about what equipment I need to dry my boots
  14. Having just got a 2017 300rr Montesa - don't care what it weighs as its awesome.. I could loose 2 stone but but cant be bothered. Just want to ride my well engineered reliable bike that will last me more than 12 months
  15. Normandale are out and about. I think the rest imminent based on conversations we had in wsw centre meeting tues.