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  1. Are they the raga ones or just plain white?
  2. Mine have had a lot more abuse than this and are fine. very strange?? do you dry them naturally?
  3. Had mine nearly a 12 month and looking good at the moment. What do you do to them in between trials -wash, treat etc. Do you jet wash. Do you do anything unusual when riding - drag your toes on the road etc? Are you related to the Thorpe's and move more earth walking the sections than 3 JCBs? (PS watched a good South Yorks Clubman? rider in last weekends S3 Powys move rocks in way that would of made D T senior very proud) I like my SIDI so want to avoid anything that may cause this problem
  4. I grade my rears and change them accordingky old ones for practice., good used for club trials and best for championships and nationals ii also select tyre for event. No point using best tyre on rocky or grippy terrain . front will last a good year would say and 2 rears if you manage them even riding every week.
  5. Top man much appreciated You will have to reveal who you are !! cheers jimmy
  6. If you find that the bike is missing from not letting it warm up properly don't try and rev and clean it out like a 2 stroke- this makes it worse. just park it up running on tick over and it will sort itself out after 5 mins or by the time you walk the first section.
  7. Do you fancy sharing cad files and some photos when it's done. i have sone facilities at my disposal and would at least like to do similar - might have to sun out the welding. stick designs on eBay even ?? swap you for a 2d cad file for a 4rt bash plate I did !!?!?
  8. The garden suppliers do labels for writing plant info on etc - they do these in various lengths and colours now so easy and quite durable. If painting markers useful to do front and back otherwise when you turn round after walking a section everything is white or if you are dong loops in can be quite confusing.
  9. Or look at the diagram - especially as I've left my oscilloscope next to my flux capacitor
  10. on line manual shows ( HEADLIGHT = 12V 35/35W Also from the manual Regulator type SCR shorted/triple phase, full wave rectification -so basically the AC is being converted to DC Looking at all the other power drains on the road going bike would suggest there is a fair bit of capacity in the system
  11. Yes It can cope with high pressure but gives good frictional properties reference organic friction material to give smooth take up in clutch packs.
  12. Have you looked inside an automatic gearbox multiple wet clutches with friction material similar to that used on multiplate trials clutches and numerous epicilic gear sets doing much more work than a straight cut trials dog shift box with minimal hp
  13. I fitted one of these to my mates bike - he bought it from the much missed Munch -I was impressed by the fit and finish of it. Its not done much work since definitely one to consider.
  14. My bad. You are correct. i think you can disconnect on handlebars for a quick check
  15. I had problem with std kill button - just jesting it's not from mr Honda and European spec . i think you can just unplug the cable and link the the bullet terminals together .