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  1. Montys in Trial 2 this season

    Was studying Toby's bike at the St Davids BTC in April - non standard barrel - Think was S3 so presume bigger than std 300RR -as above full works exhaust - (a pre 2009 type silencer but bigger modified capacity) Footrest hangers - looked painted titanium etc different and simplified wiring etc . Sounded to have a lot of torque and Toby was riding it very well in the "traditional" type going. He was as good as anybody on the big muddy/rocky hill climb - flat out in 4th at the bottom. One thing we all noticed that he did have was the biggest smile of any of the riders there
  2. new montesa parts availability

    https://montesa.fr/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/parts_list_4RT_2017.pdf One of the benefits of buying (Honda) Montesa is the documentation is the same as for a road bike - I have also found sometimes that genuine parts can be cheaper than after market parts - The Honda light trials chain fitted as standard is the best lasting chain ever and comes in the exact right length - used to be about £30 from Caroline Sandiford and comes in the Honda bag and everything as well - think more expensive now though.
  3. 2014 4RT poor rear brake

    Evidently Raga's mechanic does this as final preparation of Adams bike before every event so not a field trick but part of normal service and preparation - how it works mind is another matter-
  4. Dougie Lampkin book...

    he saving it for the film- let me know if you need a better looking stand in for your part
  5. 2014 4RT poor rear brake

    I did think the same but Adam raga does as part of his bike prep. i find the sintered pads can be poor when dry and hot - seem to glaze. A bit of water seems to improve the braking effect . i deglaze my pads after every ride as well
  6. 2014 4RT poor rear brake

    Presume pistons are free in Calliper. what pads have you got in? have you tried get disc pads hot through short sharp braking then chucking water on them?
  7. new montesa parts availability

    Full parts list are on the web if you google
  8. Beginning of the end?

    I think trials is such a confidence thing that anything that effects this has an adverse effect that is very hard to measure. His injury will have effected his physical and mental training this year and the injury must be in the back of his mind. I'm sure some of the things we see him do on video etc is as much confidence building as it is practice. I also think it is physiological towards the other riders - when they get to master what he was doing last year he has a new trick to show off. Knowing Toni is a little on the back foot is also likely to increase the motivation/confidence of the other riders as well making it a bit of a double whammy
  9. Beginning of the end?

    Was thinking the same myself. Nearly as bad as stubbing your toe
  10. Montesa oil

    Googled the following "When referencing motor oil weight, you are actually referring to the viscosity grade or the tendency of a liquid to flow slowly or quickly. In regard to multigrade oils, the first number in the code, such as 10W in SAE 10W-30, means that the oil can still be pumped by the engine at a temperature as low as a single grade 10W oil. A 5W, like in SAE 5W-30, can be pumped at an even lower temperature, and a 0W, like in SAE 0W-30, will pump at the lowest tested temperatures. The W in the designation is commonly thought to represent weight, but in fact stands for Winter. The second number, 30, indicates how well the oil will flow when heated to 100C/212F or higher. As engines have become more technologically advanced, engine clearance levels and viscosity grade recommendations may have been reduced, hence the reason your father swore by SAE 20W-50 and your engine calls for SAE 5W-30. If a thicker oil is used in some of todays high-tech, small clearance engines, oil pressure may increase, but the possibility of improper lubrication can result if the oil can not adequately flow through the engine." so I guess the 10w 30 is slightly thinner at normal operating temps than the original specified 10w 40
  11. How good to do ssdt?

    Lomax or Powys S3 are good trials as would be the Jack Wood again S3 -clubman route. Would say you need to be finishing them comfortably. I've Never done the Reeth 3 day but again would guess be a good yard stick Longmynd is a good ride around as well as the Vic Britain =both local to you.
  12. Montesa 4rt new running in

    As valves bed in to their seats I think you would expect clearance to close up??
  13. 2006 4/RT - Heat Shield, Header Pipe

    Longer carbon fibre parts are available aftermarket that just bolt on. I have made one from some ally tube cut in half - picked up on the rear hole for existing guard and then a spring clip (broom holder type clip) to keep it in position at the rear but you could maybe weld a nut onto the silencer clamp. Cuts some slots in it in a similar style to existing steel guard and looked trick
  14. Montesa 4rt new running in

    I'm sure there is something in the manual but just don't rev it flat out or make it lug hard, Some nice gentle riding whilst building up the rev range is best.
  15. Reed effects on engine character

    Bit of a random thought but maybe refit your flywheel weight to bring the bottom end back to how you like it as reading above the reed swap may give you the zip off the bottom end you where looking for by taking of the flywheel weight