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  1. Goggles or not?

    I had the Hebo heavier with visor in and was handy, just switched to the lighter Zone 4 as thought better to have an advantage 99% of the time rather than the 1% on the road with rain - I do probably 10 road trials a year as well. safety specs worked well at the recent Powys S3 trial as weather was ok - they misted up a bit in the Lomax and the snow but think Goggle probably would too. 1 benefit of googles (if fixed to your helmet with tape or the special fixings) is that its a one handed job to put on whilst on the move. I think with glasses it would need to be stop and use to hands to slide between helmet and your head.. If I was doing SSDT then it would be full goggles and face mask no question.
  2. Tlr200 fork rebuild

    I bought an oil syringe a few years ago. Ideal for gearbox and engine oil but also ideal for fior fork oil depth . over fill fork leg - insert tube on end of syringe the correct depth and suck . When level is correct your just sucking air
  3. Tlr200 fork rebuild

    I run 5 weight max - cc not sure on cc but run about 5 to 10 psu just to give them a lift
  4. Montesa 4Rt for newbie

    Have checked tappetts once or twice but never seem to change . oil filter is a 15 min job every 2 to 3 months that’s it more than a 2 stroke less the the time taken on a carb bike to strip and clean the carb every other trial and the messing about buying and mixing 2 stroke every week. would say if you add it up the mont needs no more time and probably less time working on than others . cant argue against the whirring bits weigh more though but happy to live with that - but as said before - that’s personal preference
  5. Montesa 4Rt for newbie

    I liked the front end on my std 260 better than my 09 250x like the 300 better again - think due to lightness . sorry to confuse 😇
  6. Montesa 4Rt for newbie

    Not wanting to confuse anymore than you are already but think the 300RR is an easier bike to ride. (probably most forgiving of the 3) Has DID wheels also. My take on the Mont range is If you don't buy a 300RR and want to get the best performance in the sections then buy the std 260 and tweak -bigger pipe/ohins etc -will work out cheaper than a Repsol -which would still benefits from having a larger front pipe. If you want the best bike - novice or expert - and can afford it then the 300RR If you want bling and the prettiest then Repsol Simples
  7. Montesa 4Rt for newbie

    -not sure about that -please explain
  8. Montesa 4Rt for newbie

    Good luck - i think this is one of those heart rules brain decisions but sometimes that's the best
  9. Montesa 4Rt for newbie

    other than stickers I think the 2018 monts are virtually the same as 2017 so anew /old stock 2017 might be a bit cheaper. The 300rr despite being a bigger engine and top spec bike is I feel actually easier to ride. Totally understand the Rhonda philosophy and yes they are a bit heavier but they are the best built bike. If you can afford it and want a toy that makes you smile every time out then it has to be the \Mont 300cc. Get a big seat and would be a cracking trail bike as well. If you want the best novice trials bike then there maybe other options.
  10. Wavy discs Why ?

    seem to recall 315 mont had a wavy or cast in edge on the rear disc - 4rt rear disc is more flat finished. used to find the 315 spare wheel I had gave better braking on the 4rt than the std - especially in the mud
  11. YAMAHA have a new TY

    About 3 years then make a world beater that will be untouchable for 10 years ala 315r/ 4rt😇 ps ridden by a hybrid constructed from dna from Dougie and bou grown in a HRC lab. Probably be female as well🤭
  12. 4rt improvement underway. Any thoughts ?

    I would suggest you need to advise us what sort of sections and ability/level you are riding at. I didn't like my 09 280 and put it back to 250 standard. I do like the 300RR but its a much better beast than a over bored 250 I feel. If its a std 260 then Ohlins and a PTB with map, larger front pipe helps match a softer map, to suit unless you are expert level I would say good Tyres and possobly swap from the motad to Did rims. Dump the Dunlops/X11 and fit X lights.. To be honest I liked my 260 std map with S3 front pipe. I found front Tech forks on the std 260 ok - I'm probably 14.5 stone. Above set up I found is great for clubman national class on rocky type going. If doing more mud and climbs then the extra cc maybe worth it.
  13. Mapping Cota 4RT 2017 vs. 2018

    I think I did read the manual to confirm maps but I always forget so BIG SWITCH - BIG POWER works for me
  14. Mapping Cota 4RT 2017 vs. 2018

    sportsawyer -you are the Guru for HRC and Honda part numbers and specification - its much appreciated
  15. Mapping Cota 4RT 2017 vs. 2018

    I think big button big map. Bottom end seems very similar but I find soft map runs out of steam At the top end compared to the bigger map