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  1. Just looking at the tech info for this and it is in fact a ATF oil but made for completion use - makes sense why it works well and also probably has good additives for wear reduction.
  2. just check you are looking at the tea bag filter fixed to the pump. I think it is dual spec with a much finer mesh on the inside of the filter. I have found solvent and air line to work but you need to get the finer mesh clean more than the outer.
  3. Also put the oil in while it is on its side and before you put case back on. much easier than trickling it in the the dipstick hole after. grease one side of the gasket and will be fine for many changes without replacing
  4. That's nowt, mart would dig the footings. Dave Thorpe the block work and Malcolm would lay the patio slabs when walking the section in there heyday. They carried on this skill as minders - I've seen Malcolm brushing dust of rocks with his gloves for graham when they were blitzing the British scene.
  5. haven't they added an extra piston ring to the latest RR - be interesting if those using oil were old or new versions
  6. Trials training Wales run training days every month or so . not for profit acu organisation so good value there is one next week
  7. I guess it's a fine balance between lots of jobs and reducing number of volunteers . Routes are kept under cover to stop illegal riding before and during etc. With fuel costs etc then people can't always afford to go and spectate anymore - don't think it's just the ssdt. having ridden. The ssdt a few time the coverage during the week is normally good to follow from your desk or armchair. Think maybe just a sign of the times. Apart from the world round uk trials seem light on spectators as people have other commitments . With the factories not as interested in the ssdt I guess it's more for the riders and close supporters now. Not bought a tmx for years and the web is so good but very much for the now and not weeks in advance I can understand it may appear last minute but that's the way we consume things now. With over subscribered entries something is still very good with the ssdt.
  8. I read an article on ragas bike prep and his mechanic does this to his bike as final prep. Must be something in it!
  9. I have a softer Lia map I have made myself if you feel you want to soften off the bottom even more. ideal on slippery streams especially with the larger front pipes
  10. A fresh oiled filters will stop the bike from starting especially if you us an aerosol type. spraying wd40 ( other brands available) around the mudguard intake area when running bike after washing causes revs to drop so they can be confused.
  11. Liaorg bottomleft on 1 stage maps. you willl need to convert to a dual map version using the software also available on that site
  12. Try an iun oiled filter and let it tick over for 10 mins i think the efi is more clever than looking at the plug colour unless you do s plug chop once its warm
  13. Barfy had a n issue with his idle screw. The throttle stop was as said only effecting 100% throttle position. Sounds a bit fuel pump related to me - they start by playing up when warm and then get worse. Possibly some dodgy fuel has effected internals of the pump
  14. I bought a 2009 with 280 kit and put it back to a 250 and found much more manageable. My 15 260 is nicer again so unless you feel you are struggling for power would be 100 certain before spending a lot of time and money etc. What maps are you running? What is your riding style? PS -apologies for being cheeky above
  15. Do you live in the south, ride British Champ or weigh 20 stone