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  1. Midland Classic Trials 29/4/18 Rhodesia Worksop

  2. Five or not?

    Interesting question came up at todays Midland Classic MCC trial. If your engine stops in a section, is it a straight five even if you can roll or push out. I've known trials where it is, and my brother once lost an event due to this rule, but does this apply to AMCA trials?????
  3. Midland Classic Trials 29/4/18 Rhodesia Worksop

    Cheers, thanks for posting
  4. grimeca pre65 hubs?

    I never found the original DOT hubs any better or noticeably lighter that the Greeves (British Hub) full width ones. If you have oversized linings bonded onto the shoes and then machine them to the brake diameter they will work fantastic when dry. The alloy bantam hubs are very nice and light and have the advantage that the rear hub has the brake plate on the correct side for the brake pedal, but they ain't cheap.
  5. Goggles or not?

    When i did the 6-day many years ago, one day was snow/hail one and off throughout. Without goggles progress would have been very slow. Even on good days goggles made the longer road runs more bearable.
  6. Pursang 370 stancions

    You will probably be able to use almost any 35mm fork of roughly the same length, I've certainly done this with some KTM forks and have shortened some pursing forks down to use in some MP bottoms for a pre65 scrambler
  7. Observers required for NBBR April 9th

    It is the 8th and micks number is 01246 01246 862896. Double whoops!!
  8. Starting just outside Chesterfield, a few more observers are required. As the riders tend to come through in one lump it doesn't take long, with my brothers I will be observing early on and at a later group. When my dad was alive we used to make a day of it doing some trail riding before and after and riding to some of the sections on land not normally accessible. Contacts are Mick Worthy 01246 86289, or Rene Stubbs 01283 225909 Cheers
  9. Pathfinders MCC trial

    Trials at Clifton today is cancelled
  10. Can someone identify these forks ?

    Get hold of some steel bottoms from something like a B40 or heavy weight cub and turn the forks down to fit inside
  11. Due to the wild weather, the wind has whipped the snow up into drifts which we don't think will have cleared by Sunday, the decision has been taken to cancel. Our next trial is the 8th April which has road work and is part of the Northern British series. After that it's April 29th at Rhodesia (Worksop), this not being the normal date as the land owner is attending the classic Scottish
  12. Sherco footpegs strange position

    Repaired a worn footrest last night. As described above the hole in the rest had elongated allowing the rest to droop. I drilled the hole bigger and finished with a ream to 15mm. The ream was probably not necessary but It happened to be within the range of the only adjustable reamer I have and it makes a rounder hole. Drill from the best side and that will act as a pilot for the elongated side. I then made a new bush to suit in alloy as I don't think it wears but creeps. All fitted seems to work OK, the rest is weakened slightly but they were designed to be used by stuntmen so club trialling will be fine
  13. MOT Changes in May

    If they do it like my vintage bike, then the first MOT is a signed declaration from yourself and then it's just an online tick box. Can't remember any details of form, I think I got it from the nearest PO that did vehicle tax
  14. MOT Changes in May

    If they do it like my vintage bike, then the first MOT is a signed declaration from yourself and then it's just an online tick box