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  1. Basically, you can't, all the components are in the resin and will be damaged on removal and you won't be able to get replacements anyway. I think a guaranteed second hand one is the best option
  2. They are different though the basic principle is the same. PVL stuff is well made but not as bike specific as the other which I know a couple of people run and reckon it is better at very low revs
  3. Relieved that you found the results, it's my task to put them on which i try to do as soon as I get them
  4. Just seen the results, congratulations on finishing second in class. The winner was a guest so counts as a win for the championship
  5. My motto is 'anything can be improved'
  6. My brothers Fantic seems to do everything really well despite being very simple and only 156cc. I have always liked my Armstrong 250, but it does feel heavier than the Fantic
  7. Waiting a reply from Kudo
  8. Venhill is the obvious answer for made up cables
  9. Any recommendations for laminated type begins and ends Cheers Ian
  10. Yes, opposite the golf course, strictly no practicing! More worries on the horizon are the building of some new houses nearby
  11. I think you have 2 choices, your local vehicle licensing centre will confirm. Fill in the forms and have a Q plate allocated. Have a recognised authority confirm the bikes origin, this would normally be the manufacturer or the importer but they may accept it from a dealer. Either way you will need to get it MOT'd using the frame number and then insured before a registration plate is allocated As an aside I've converted mine to a twin shock so it can be used in more suitable events.
  12. What a mix of bikes, even an early twin shock Aprilia. All one thing in common though, they look very purposeful.
  13. They aren't repairable. All the components are set in a resin. The same CDI was fitted to the TS185/250 air cooled range so you may be able to pick one of those up easier. I've asked Rex Caunt to do a replacement but he says it won't be possible until later next year and Electrix world haven't replied to my request yet. They aren't a brilliant unit, if you try strobing the engine the timing jumps all over the place. Also fitted to Hiro engined Armstrongs. Check the 3 pin connector for corruption first though.
  14. villiers services near Dudley can be helpful. B&S trials are just outside Mansfield so not that far from you
  15. i've used Villiers Services too, go for oversized then turn them down whist assembled to the brake plate to get the best results