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  1. Aly Gear changer for SWM

    Climber one does fit and is alloy, but doesn't have a bendy tip
  2. New swingarm

    Very nice, how much?
  3. climber 280 carb jet

    Try your SWM carb on it, I think the air intake is slightly larger but you could leave all that off for a quick test
  4. climber 280 carb jet

    I was surprised as I expected to see 2, so checked the second carb and it's the same. Also there is not enough thread to fit a second one in
  5. climber 280 carb jet

    i have 2 carbs from Climbers and both only have the one jet, marked 50. I have other dellortos with the 2 jet system but this doesn't seem to be the same.
  6. Shocks query

    I had the NJB's on my tri-Greeves as they were the only ones short enough. They had a hard life for a season and worked well, they are now on my daughters Fantis 80 so have a much easier life.
  7. Fork tubes

    That didn't stop me, the hardest part was setting the fork bottom up in the lathe.
  8. Fork tubes

    As I recall, the RD tubes are a smaller diameter at the bottom. Most 35mm scrambles or trials fork tubes should fit, I've fitted Marzochi ones into loads of different bottoms
  9. Dougie Lampkin book...

    Maybe he is saving the Tesco incident for a follow up book
  10. Filling out the v55/5

    Fill out a INF85 and this simplifies matters a lot
  11. Yorkshire Classic Motorcycle Club(10/6/18 Jericho)

  12. Midland Classic Trials 29/4/18 Rhodesia Worksop

  13. Five or not?

    Interesting question came up at todays Midland Classic MCC trial. If your engine stops in a section, is it a straight five even if you can roll or push out. I've known trials where it is, and my brother once lost an event due to this rule, but does this apply to AMCA trials?????
  14. Midland Classic Trials 29/4/18 Rhodesia Worksop

    Cheers, thanks for posting
  15. grimeca pre65 hubs?

    I never found the original DOT hubs any better or noticeably lighter that the Greeves (British Hub) full width ones. If you have oversized linings bonded onto the shoes and then machine them to the brake diameter they will work fantastic when dry. The alloy bantam hubs are very nice and light and have the advantage that the rear hub has the brake plate on the correct side for the brake pedal, but they ain't cheap.