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Budget Trials Build

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So close, but still so far :)
Buttoned up the engine mounts and got the wires routed, I´ll add some plugs and a propper wiring once everything is working.
Also made the starter button a kill switch, and made the clutch cable fit but I don´t have enough movement for propper disengagement.
The last owner made the linkage longer, so I´ll have to return it to a shorter version.
Still didn´t get it started and without the clutch I couldn´t push-start it either, can´t get enough grip on the concrete, once I get the clutch working I´ll take it on a field nearby or something like that!


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Small steps after a long time.
Started on the exhaust, I´ll be basing it on a Husqvarna WR250 and hopefully make it fit.


The clutch is still a concern, even when compressing to lever on the engine it won´t fully disengage, so I´m quessing I should take it apart again and give it a proper cleaning, especially the plates between the disks.

Also tried to check the timing but the borrowed strobe didn´t work, so waiting on another friend to help me out :)

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Hey guys, haven´t posted for some time.
Tried to get the MX5 out of the garage only to find out the alternator had rusted shut, so took it apart and cleaned everything but it´s still not charging so I´ve been dealing with this and some mold + rust and well, just maintenace in general because I want to have it wokring properly although last year didn´t really drive it.
But, there´s heaps of space in the garage now, though I also have to rebuild the tail on my Jawa, because we´re going on an anual oldtimers ride in the end of this month.
SOOOO, a small brake from the Beta but will be getting back to it as soon as possbile.

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