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  1. Yes take her with you next time imagine a wet cold trials day, and if she get bored she could observe, imagine the reply to that one.....
  2. des

    New Tyres

    chances are they have tube wip them off and check, any tyres would suit you at this point in your rideing..
  3. It would be far to say that the key thing is to security mark all major parts on the bike. Record engine and frame numbers. Take good photos of it. and the more it stands out the better, different cheap quick mods help with. I have even toyed with the idea of data tag like my road bike....
  4. I agree but when did you last have your bike looked over by anyone at a trial........what iam saying is hoiw would people react to having spot checks on their bikes....
  5. Would there be an interest in police checking bikes at a trial in an effort to recover stolen property, remember innocent purchasers could not only loose the bike but also the money paid for it. second problem is if the bike has never been recorded road-reg then it becomes harder to confirm identification. What are peoples thoughts, on this subject.
  6. you can also but bars which have different risers height built in, to avoid fitting risers, jitsie make three or four different bars with rises made into them 3,4,5, inch maybe more just fitted some myself made a big improvement, and cheaper to do....
  7. fitted a slow action myself made a big difference to the bike easier to ride, i find first gear very sharp so use second most of all.
  8. des

    gas gas txt 250 2010

    great bike loads of power, acu licence needed for comp apply to acu for trails lcence
  9. I have the same bike , i would suggest a slow action throttle it smooths the power out making to better to ride, 2nd gear seams to be much better than 1st as it snatches a lot in that gear, i run a 10-41 gear ration 70-1 mix for fuel and atf gear box oil which its more than happy with. Hope that helps all the best Des..
  10. des


    they are already on the new plastics when bought, hope that helps
  11. try compare the market got mine with bennets
  12. des

    Front fork nuts

    if they seal the top of the fork they should be good, all the best Des.
  13. des

    Front fork nuts

    ok do they have ajustment for rebound dampening etc, or just lock of the top of the fork......
  14. des

    Front fork nuts

    fork nuts how do you mean//////
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