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  1. Are you having to have noise testing done in order to use the ground? If so do you have any info on requirements for this? Wonder if i might be able to help out with it. Andy.
  2. Want a really quick solution? I did this with mine and wouldn't go back. Move the lever inwards towards the centre of the bars so that your finger is operating the clutch closer to the end of the lever. Greater length of lever equals easier action and greater travel for the same reaction of the clutch. Done in 20 seconds too without getting oily fingers! Andy.
  3. Thanks very much Des. Just been out and bought a slow action throttle tube so will probably fit that before i start riding it. Andy.
  4. Hi all, Have just got myself a 2008 250 raga edition and have no manual for it, so first question is does anyone have a pdf of the manual or know where i can get one? Gasgas UK doesnt list the 250 Raga in their previous models page. Also do i need to know anything that is specific to this bike? like fuel/oil ratios, preffered gearbox oil etc Also what colours are the throttles for this bike? I'm guessing I have the fast throttle as compared to the 250 edition i've just sold, this is far more aggresive power. I'm wondering whether it may pay to put a slower throttle on or whether to just try and get used to it. I'd be really grateful for any help or advice you can offer. Andy.
  5. Just tell him he needs to rob his questions from google.co.uk and not google.com Andy.
  6. Jason, Im surprised this hasnt happened sooner to be honest, Ive never ridden there, but during the summer i drove the car down there to have a look to see what was going on and to see if it was suitable practice ground. As i drove down the road adjacent, i was met by several motorcross bikes going absolutely flat out towards me and forcing me to move out of their way, then a few mini moto style bikes. I decided to turn around and was met by the same bikes again, this time wheelying towards me and this is all on a public road, i didnt even try to walk onto the land in question, i left thinking that it just wasnt suitable for trials, which is a slow technical sport that generally does no damage to the land. Have you considered trying to control access to the land and earn some money from it? most genuine riders are happy to pay to carryout their hobby. Andy.
  7. Ive always used the term track stand, meaning to stop and balance. My use of the word goes back to mountain biking days though probably 10 or so years ago. Never really thought to ask what people would call this in trials (stopping and balancing i guess! ) Andy.
  8. Maybe a blocked jet, probably find the petrol has evaporated leaving gunky oil to block everything up. Have you tried cleaning the carb? Andy.
  9. andysv1k

    Fan Trouble!

    When you say ripple, what exactly do you mean? There is a regulator there, that will cope with all the overvoltage and clean it up. It is actually a new fan too, the old rectifier blew because it had no fixing and fell into the fan, stalled it and burn both out! Andy.
  10. andysv1k

    Fan Trouble!

    when you say ordered one, do you mean a rectifier? I didnt have to build mine, i got it as a complete bridge rectifier, potted with spade connectors, took 5 mins to install. its more than likely rated higher than stock and cost
  11. andysv1k

    Fan Trouble!

    I'll do it for 49.50 Andy.
  12. andysv1k

    Fan Trouble!

    and if it is, dont get sucked into paying manufacturers costs. My rectifier gave up last month. A new gasgas one was
  13. i'd do as ive seen reccomended on here before. drain into a jug so you know how much has come out, just incase you only manage to drain out 400ml, if this happens over and over again, you would be sticking an extra 50ml in each time. when draining mine, i tend to leave it open and go for a coffee or lunch, then come back tip it over and leave it lent against something then off for another coffee. seems to get everything out of it. (plus i get to drink lots of coffee!) Andy.
  14. andysv1k

    Clutch Slip

    I had a similar problem. whacked a new clutch pack in and all sorted. The fibre actually started coming away from the discs. This was caused by water leaking into the cas via the water pump seal though. could be worth checking to see if you have milky oil. Andy.
  15. this looks great, is there anymore info on the club? website or anything? im guessing its somewhere between milton keynes and leighton buzzard yes? im in northampton so this could be a nice alternative to earl shilton so i can float between the two. Andy.
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