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    honda montesa 315r
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    Thanks for that,its been running real well on the 6es so ill stick to that,back to the shops today then. Thanks again Andy.
  2. smiffy


    Hi all,i bought a br8es by mistake today,anyone think there would be a problem if i use it instead of the 6es? regards Andy.
  3. Try feuvert,or even carrefour,i use their own brand of oil and its been good in the 315r for two years. In your local town there should be a Motoculture place that might do it. Bien cordialment Andy.
  4. With a 10tooth front and 42 tooth rear i could hit 60 KPH with a bit left,im trying a 9 tooth at the moment but not been anywhere i could wind it it up,if that helps. Andy cdt.
  5. Yeah your right just checked on Dherbey motos website 6099 seems better,looking forward to seeing one in action.
  6. Definately agree with Wherry,ive tried everything with these front brakes,in 20 years of riding bikes ive never had such bad front brakes. Putting my feet down and shouting work better
  7. Thanks for all your replies,ive found a club not too far from me the ESM,and sent an email but no reply yet,and theres a trial/motocross shop in the next department that ill visit when im over that way. Its a real shame all the space out here id have thought it would a popular sport but it seems motox is more popular. Quandmeme,je cherche encore. Bien cordialment. Andy.
  8. Just got the prices for the Jotagas here in France,and they seem a bit unusual 6999euros for the 250,6199euros for the 280 and 6299euros for the 300,why the big difference for the 250? Much of a muchness price wise in the UK. Would definately give one a go though look good. Andy.
  9. Thats what i kind of thought your prob may have been to start with chris,overheating,id try the thermostat first see if opens a nd closes then the fan switch. Got to be cheaper than a new top end,glad you got away with out some replating though,good luck. Andy.
  10. Hope someone can point me in the right direction here,i live in France just souh of normandy and im looking to join a french club and compete but try as i might i cannot find a club or much info on the club scene at all. I have been on the FFM website but apart the championship stuff there doesnt seem to be much else,i dont even know if they run stop or no stop. So any info wil be much appreciated. Thanks Andy.
  11. smiffy

    2001 315r

    Hi Ferg am glad you found the forum, hope you find it as informative as i have,i paid
  12. smiffy

    Lighting/road kit

    Hopefully one day ill be able to offer advice instead of asking for it,but until then. Has anyone fitted a road/light kit to their 315r,is it fairly straightforward,or would i need a manual? Ive just bought one,because over here in France you need lights on all the time,and without a trailer at the moment im sure i can make it to the practice area ive found on a tank full. Thanks in advance regards Andy.
  13. smiffy


    Hi all,just some knowledge needed,ive got a mate with a 2002 315r thats got a blown engine,now hes going to buy something different rather than rebuild the montesa and hes offered me his for spares. Ive got a 98 315r,i know the forks will be different,but is there much if anything else that wouldnt fit mine,i may even try and rebuild his if its just the top end,anyway thanks for any advice/knowledge. Regards Andy.
  14. Hi spokey,with regards to the headstock bearings,before you buy any slacken the the head stock bolt off and try with a c spanner nipping them up a bit,worth a go before you buy the bearings. Mines a 98 but i assume yours will have a grease nipple to pump some grease into as well. Good luck Andy.
  15. smiffy


    Thanks Des,this is my first trial bike so all info is good. Cheers Andy.
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