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  1. evoboy

    Evo Coolant

    Thats What I thought but wasn't 100% sure . Thanks Evoboy
  2. evoboy

    Evo Coolant

    I've just drained my coolent on my Evo and got some Silkolene Pro Cool but I don't know if it is remix out of the bottle it doesn't say or does it need diluting ie 50/50
  3. evoboy

    Gear Oil Milky!

    Thats why you should change it for Silkolene PRO COOL.
  4. evoboy

    Gear Oil Milky!

    I've also just done it on my evo every easy job but remember which way the seal goes in.
  5. evoboy

    Suspension Tuning

    Yes try www.saundersextremesports.co.uk hope that helps
  6. what about using optimax???
  7. evoboy

    Beta Evo Oil ?

    I have the same on my 09 Evo, I washed it off on saturday got it out sunday put it on its stand and noice something dripping out of the flywheel cover tolk it off and found some water in there, I thought about putting a little sealer where both faces meet?? I also get milky gear oil how hard is it to replace that water pump seal??
  8. evoboy

    Evo Help ...

    I use normal unleaded and silkolene oil 70cc to 5 litres of petrol and never had a problem. Also I use a NGK BP5ES plug and a after market air filter are alot better than the standered one. hope that helps
  9. evoboy

    290 Beta Evo

    I had a 270 rev 3 and now got a 290 evo. What a bike it is, it has loads of power where on the rev 3 second gear was used everywhere you can use first on the evo and still have lots of power if needed . I wouldn't have anything else now what a lovely bike very light easy to ride they got it just right. hope this helps
  10. evoboy

    Jacks TTT Evo

    Now that look nice...
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