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  1. many thanks for that.has been left in a box for now as i decided to buy a mar to rebuild for my sins in a previous life
  2. Is on a 330 montesa. Is running a bit rich
  3. I am trying to compare the needle in the carb to replacements. The marking on the needle is NAPH. Would anyone know what size this is, as the new needles have different codes and there does not appear to be a cross over chart. Many thanks.
  4. Hi steve, I have come across this myself. I believe there is a small top hat that goes either side of the bearing that sits inside the rear shock bottom mount. With regards the loom i did away with the loom and run just the red to the coil as I have no lighting kit. I believe the pink is for the rear brake pedal switch.
  5. Here is my 330, cold do with a clean
  6. Is the star shaped wheel in the picture in the neutral position?
  7. The rear shocks look odd from the back and dont appear to mirror each other in their angles and just to check is all correct. Same with the clutch parts as the spider and push pin come in multiple sizes depending on which engine they come from.
  8. i am trying to find information about the above bikes.The 330, I would like to know the internal dimension of the swingarm at the rear spindle (with spacer sizes). Also the front spacer sizes. The 335 i would like to know the height of the clutch actuator or spider and the depth of the brass pushpad. Any help would be appreciated.
  9. Hello Alberto, Steve said thanks for the kind words, and that the cash is in the post
  10. Anyone have any knowledge of what this part is and where i can get one. It does not show up as an individual part number in the montesa parts manual, and is next to the rebound spring on the seat pipe in the left hand fork. Not sure if its a bump rubber or a seal as the old one is unsalvageable.
  11. essexukay

    Montesa 330

    Recently acquired a 330 cota and was wondering if anyone has any info regarding clutch mods. Also manual recommends sae 90 for clutch, is this better than gp10? also primary drive recommends 300ml of oil, yet 335 engine recommends 450ml
  12. Have a beta rev 80 in need of a rear shock, does anyone know of another shock that will fit. I believe it is 240mm center to center.
  13. Saw this hidden behind a van at the weekend, thought they did not make them anymore.
  14. A friend of mine will be speaking to Mick either tomorrow or Wed. Give him a ring, he said he would help. (01375) 891592. Ask for Steve.
  15. I was at sheffield on the night and hoped to see some sections i couldnt see very well from where i was sitting and i could not beleive how crap they made it look. Camera angles were indeed crap and it turns out i could see better from where i was sitting than watching on tv. why was there no slow motion pics to show the riders body movements. have seen better pictures from a go pro. considering it went down to the last section, there was no build up to make it more compelling.there were no angles to show the height or angles the riders faced........bad bad bad.
  16. Is not the first time this has happened, last year came home expecting trials and got nascar!
  17. motors tv guide says karting on tomorrow at 1.10pm, trials not till 9pm thurs. my sky guide is saying tomorrow as well !
  18. southend is also one of the few clubs to run a wobbler route for outright beginners
  19. I would recomend joining a club. You are lucky to be surrounded by good clubs (southend dmcc - ipswich mcc - castle colchester and many many more). Once a member jump in and enter the trials comps. One trial is worth ten practise days. Southend have a trial on at royal oak pits in Danbury (just off A12) on sunday for details go to www.easternacu.org . Click on events for details.As for practise grounds, Poles wood takes some beating, Raydon is ok and the trials park at lowestoft is also worth a visit
  20. If you do get to Danbury, make sure you order your burger when you get there and it will be ready for when you finish!
  21. Have just got my son a beta rev 80 for xmas and have seen another 80 described fitted with a montesa rear mudguard. Does anyone know what montesa mudguard fits as i have noticed the beta one is not very flexible and dont want to buy a graphics kit to find i need more graphics for the next mudguard. Any help would be appreciated.
  22. This two day idea is a good one. I was planning on going to some world rounds next year until I found out they were going to be one day affairs. Now there is no way I am flying to Spain for one day of no stop. One more reason not to go. Well done FIM.
  23. It wouldnt surprise me if to enforce the no stop rule, bikes have to be fitted with some sort of inertia device that beeps when the bike is stationary.It wont matter how loud it is, no one will be watching anyway.Probably be mark yourself.
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