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  1. All marked 91 octane is ethanol free because its used for farm applications so it has to be stable for much longer. I use it in my gas gas with an octane booster and stabilizer and my bike loves it and so does my wallet. Dustin
  2. Hello Its been awhile since last post but here we go My riding level is intermediate/sports an leaning more towards sports an The last couple of ride I have been solo with my four legged friend so i have to slow down alot In doing so I have been riding sections and tight trails in first gear not allowing myself to use the clutch only throttle control Wow what a difference it made for riding wetsections its a simple but difficult skill to master but it pays off big time Give it a go Dustin
  3. I have fixed many steel/aluminum stanctions Clean very well with iso alcohol Use JB weld to fill scratch/chip and use a rubber spatula it conforms the tube the best Allow it to fully harden over night is best Remove excess with 400- 500 grit wet sanding then polish with 1500-2000 It is very labour intensive but works great and a permanent repair Ps either remove tube to do repair or wrap and oil soaked rag around tube above the seal to prevent grit from entering seal.
  4. Even better I am in the process of installing a high out put 12 volt compressor and a 3 gallon air tank I will put a coupler out front and back and just use a air nozzle to blast off the dirt. If this does not work. Will put a 5-6 gallon air tank and prefill it with water and use the air to pressure it and spray that. Just my idea
  5. Clutch ingaged or not ?,
  6. Hello everyone I uploaded more videos this ride was on Mt. Badly on Vancouver Island, British Columbia Canada http://www.youtube.com/user/legionnair23?feature=mhee Dustin
  7. That area has really good coverage one of the reasons I solo ride there
  8. Good effort, but those look more like big step-ups than splats
  9. Absolutely none just a gopro HD set on R4 which gives you the tallest view point. I believe this allows more down the trail view while still being adle to see the bike/rider input. Just upload the file straight to you tube. Thanks for the feed back
  10. Hello guys and gals I have a you tube channel where I try to put up new footage every week or so. It is raw as it happens footage I don't edit it I try to do some commentary while riding. I also try to show most of the trail or section I am riding. If you like a video please hit like or subscribe. Enjoy oh yeah in the videos when I am a tad frustrated I tend to drop alot of F-bombs just a warning. http://www.youtube.com/user/legionnair23?feature=mhee Dustin
  11. Ligaments are the worst to heal from I would rather break a bone than tear a ligament Good luck in your speedy recovery Dustin
  12. If he is talking about the raga then it is actualy a 2011 I don't think you will see much change in the txt for next year maybe color but that is it
  13. I bought one two months ago what a machine I have ridden it twice a week since, I had 2008 gasser 250 and the power is better but I find it way more control able that the 250. Brakes clutch all are very nice. Air box is vastly improved. Two things I don't like stock it comes with a cheap sparkplug made it a tough starter replace it with a platinum ngk and it is night and day, and you have to be diligent after every ride to go over the entire bike and tighten plus locktite everything cause it does vibrate a tade more. I would buy it again in a second Hope this helps Dustin
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