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  1. I Have a 2013 250 and the Clutch master cylinder seals / O Rings are worn out - this was from new, I do not know what kit to buy to replace them with as there seems to be 2 sizes 9mm and 9.5mm. Maybe The Splatt Shop can help me. I am really dissaapointed in the quality of Formula, as the Front brake seized on with faulty seals and now the clutch has these issues. I have bled the system, taken it bake to the dealer (He is excellent, and a great help), but I need to get this fixed. Much prefered the old system on earlier Shercos, lighter and bette Any help with the correct seal kit size would be appreciated
  2. I have a new 2013 250 and it is excellent, really great bike, but after having a 2011 Sherco 250 and two very light clutch action OSSA'a the new model clutch pull is the heaviest I have ever felt. Clutch take up is excellent with no grab or creep just very heavy on the hands Question - Can the Formula clutch be lightened off need help with this please
  3. Can anyone tell me where I find the information on how to adjust the levers on the new Formula clutch and brake. I know about the thumb screw but the plunger also has adjustment and a grub screw. By the way do love the bike (250) thank you Mark
  4. can you get a 200cc kit for the new model- 2013 - Sherco 125. I am contemplating going down in size as the bigger engined bikes are just too much but I really don't want to rev a bike much and feel the 200cc would be ideal. I only ride clubman level my current bike is a new 2013 OSSA 280i (my third) but they are now getting just too powerful So your comments and assistance would be really appreciated
  5. markjw

    2013 Spare Parts?

    Come on The service in Australia is not that bad, the new 2013 models have only just arrived in Australia within the last 2 weeks, I just went and had a look, 25 bikes. It is a bloody long way by ship from Spain to Australia., and yes sometimes the dealer gets caught out with parts, but complainig that he has no 2013 parts to upgrade the 2012 bike is a bit unfair. Yes complain if you get poor service, but did you offer to pay airfreight and have the upgrade parts delivered and not wait until the next shipment arrives. I am not defending importers/distributors but give them a break, they make bugger all out of trials bikes, with it being such a small market and most do it to the best of their financial ability.
  6. YES,,,,YES bloody fantastic
  7. markjw

    Rear Brake

    Thanks Lankydoug will reset all that and test it out tomorrow, much appreciated advice
  8. markjw

    Rear Brake

    I am having issues with the rear brake locking on. After about 2 hours of intermittant riding my rear brake stays on. The lever is very tight and the brake is on, as if something is jammed on . It appears that there is something wrong in the master cylinderr as the lever and ball joint do not appear to be against the frame. any ideas please??
  9. Looks true Will make the Gas Gas/Ossa brand pretty big Will be interesting to see how the marketing and sales structures work out. Given that at present they are both compete in the same market space and both with pretty good product. Looks a win/win for Gas Gas and stabilty for OSSA
  10. Good question - a good capacitor with a small unit to supply a new charge should suffuce or are they only good for 1 time or just to smooth out a voltage flow - this may help understand why the OSSAs were like they were with starting
  11. markjw

    How Is It

    Nelly1 you only asked for advice - not attacks, and OSSA owners replied in the positive, but please go ride one,, if you like it then get one. The are many, many OSSA owners that will help you, they are a fantastic bike, and the way forward, But you need to ride it and see if you like it. All bikes come down to personal preference.
  12. Deon excellent news - I think that you have given the best technical explanation as to why the bike takes sometimes many prods to fire into life. Maybe OSSA are trying to get the LSS, very robust and small (light weight) plus be able to be charged on the bike. This may be slowing down the release of it. Sounds though as this may have sloved your porblem as the OSSA is really a great bike to own and ride. Thanks you for the feedback - All OSSA owners will appreciate this information
  13. markjw

    How Is It

    2 year warranty - fully supported by the importer and manufacturer, free map upgrades, a real "Owners Unity" and knowing that we are at the pointy end of technology. I do not bag other bikes,, nor makers, that would be easy Yes, there are quality control issues with all the makers Starting issues - in General NO. Early 2011 bikes you needed to be a bull elephant to fire them up. Will I get the LSS - NO , do not need it and I am 59 years old and old 70kgs
  14. markjw

    How Is It

    Nigel, - where do you get your information??????? I have had 2 OSSA's no mechanical issues, never heard a gearbox failure- assuming that you think that OSSA gearboxes fall apart!! At the Aussie Round of the worlds - ALL BRANDS ran well, and looked great,,, and all were extensively serviced,, including clutches, gearboxes, forks etc, etc, all bikes had their moments good and bad, Brand is down to personal preference. But you do put some well constructed threads in here, keep it up - Cheers
  15. Deon Just a thought. The Fuel may be causing an issue. I was having plug fouling (black, gooey mess on the plug - Iridium ) and the bike runnig really rough off the bottom. I was using unleaded, 95ron, but have now gone to 100 RON at 110:1 mix, also changed to Belray 75W oil. Difference was noticable almost immediatly, fouling almost gone, bike runs cleaner, clutch engagement is really good (half way out not all the way) and clutch drag is better at cold. This may help Mark
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