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  1. There are no superfluous fasteners on a modern day trials motorcycle ( all brands )    Modern day trials motorcycles need all of their nuts and bolts to be tight, so that everything works properly. The ONLY way to be sure that the nuts and bolts are tight is to check them. Particular attention should be given to    brake disc bolts   and rear sprocket bolts.

  2. The keyway on the Techno crank is in a different spot.    the con rod kit  part number you are looking for is   11.03720.800       I think this is what you are looking for

  3. 2 thoughts         1)   with the fuel turned on and the bike laying flat on the ground ( either side )     does fuel pour out onto the ground ?

                              2)   have you taken the flywheel off the check the woodruff key ?



  4. IRIS 520 RXL  chain, 1/2 links and master links readily available in the USA    I would purchase   1    x     chain 106 link          1      x       1 and 1/2 link          and     3 extra master links

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