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  1. i have taken a year out of the trials (2007) due to building a rally car and sort my first car, i have missed the sport alot so its time to get back out. was wondering if any one has dates for the welsh championship?
  2. congrats to toni, absolutly awesome riding on that new montesa hope he carries on in the outdoor championship
  3. i havent yet seen a vid of the 07 indoor but wow bou makes it look so easy on 4rt looked as if he was back on his 2 stroke beta. hope he wins the title this year
  4. alrite jay, you still riding the honda. whats your next bike going to be then? scott
  5. n.wales_sherco_lad1


    i tried my kehin carb but wasnt runnig right. ive had the jets changed and different needle slides and positions but still wasnt right. should i change the reed to a different 1. should this help and what reed would you recormend? thanks scott
  6. finally got round to fitting my kehin carb going to try it out tomorrow, but stil needs tinkering with the jetting and needle position.ill tell thee later how it goes
  7. can anybody get some video coverage of the indoor please as i live too far away to come and watch. hope every thing goes great again this year thanks scott
  8. WELL DONE Sam & Tom. i havent seen you ride for about a year but my god can u ride now lol congratulations mate, hope u go al the way in the future!
  9. im starting to save again and get the 07 sherco, i think it looks awesome !!
  10. cant wait to see the bike and spec
  11. finished my first ever british event today and thought it was awesome. sections were spot-on i didnt have a good ride as i did a trial day before which im never going to do again before a british lol. i was shattered and just pushed the bike thought last sections. well done to every one that finished and richmond mc. thanks
  12. Just like to say a big thanks for yet another good sherco academy organised by MRS . venue was excellent and some great riders. i wish i didnt have a play on my monty a couple of days before the academy as i would of tried alot more things but i even found it hard to hop the bike. i gave some big things ago on the last days but no joy my back was still hurting anybody off the TC that went to the sherco academy? thanks scott
  13. Just returned from a great weekend at hawkstone park for the 8th round of the World Trials Championship. It was amazing, the sections were awesome and didnt look possible to ride the greasy rocky steps i was gob smacked to witness what the riders were getting up. last year was awesome but L & M have gone event bigger this year! I really enjoyed it on both days with colley and dabill doing demos during the day and watchin the legends (saunders, colomer, bilbao, poans, couldnt remeber all the name im sure someone will tell you on the replies) Sorry Andy for not turning up to the TC tent was going to come over after finishing playing on my monty but went back to my tent for some food and fell asleep (ill nite b4) ,i spoke to gasserboy and said i would have a wonder over to the tent and show my face. But i was really gutted when i woke up and it was about 2 am. From what i heard and seen from the tent you all seemed to have a great time . what are you thoughts from todays WTC event?????
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