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  1. paul_stuart

    Making Sections

    I had the same issue heres how i seemed to sort it Have confidence in your ability and try new things , just like you would in a trial don't be scared to attempt things and HAVE AGO You should not be able to clean the section you make straight away put in things that are difficult but more technical ( tight turns , controlled manoeuvres ) it s not all about the big steps and massive hills As for specifics I personally recommend (alter to meet skill level) : Rock step then about a bike then sharp turn a bike lengths from top Tight turns on hill Drop off then turn Go to nice slippery ground , clay etc Double Tiered steps Wet Streams Hope this has helped Have fun and keep the feet up
  2. paul_stuart

    Starter Bike Any Good

    Buy it !!! I absolutely loved mines thinking of it brings a smile to my face Parts aren't great but they are very reliable
  3. paul_stuart


    Here's something different I tried and really it improved my balance drastically try balancing whilst sitting down its near impossible to begin with but after a wee while it becomes easier then stand up and boom after a short time you have it . After this perfect sit down balance and you will be unstoppable.
  4. paul_stuart

    Have A Wee Question

    hi i was considering swapping my 09 gasser 125 for an 09 beta 125 opinions ??
  5. paul_stuart

    Looking For A Bike - Advice

    I personally can recomend a Gas Gas txt pro 2009 . i love mine . it is a highly competative bike but yet , i feel it can be ridden by beginners aswell . very lightweight , good for parts , looks good and rides excellant !!
  6. paul_stuart

    125 Cc Ossa ?

    i herd earlier in the year there was 2013 ossa 125 is it real?
  7. paul_stuart

    Last Thing I Need

    hi everyone after practising on my bike something always breaks hahaha but now the linkage on rear suspension is gone , where do you buy them ( link me if poss ) i hear this is a hard job and costs lots how true is this ? thankyou
  8. paul_stuart

    Help Please

    Need advice to hopefully prove dad rong ! Sump bolt rung when I went to change oil so the bike has been trialed 5 times I usually change at 3 Is It ok to go for an hours practice ( nothing major ! ) Bike is a 09 125 gasser
  9. paul_stuart

    Help / Advice Needed Please

    125 has enuf grunt easily there far heavier adults that win on them and my favourite is the 09 -> gas gas or another spectacular machine is the 09-> betas most important thing when buying a bike is if you like the feel of it and the way it rides
  10. paul_stuart

    Yet .. Another What Bike Question...

    get yourself a beta tr34 89 (the year i had) what a bike perfect for all grades easy to maintain and ride like a dream
  11. paul_stuart

    Fantic What?

    pic may help
  12. paul_stuart


    personally my dealer and i are against mag due to the heat makes them porous in time and they dont keep well
  13. paul_stuart

    Newbie Gas Gas 2003

    look around and personally gas gas is great for me but not for everyone its not the make thats important its how you like the bike and i think you could do better than 03 but if you wana stick too gas gas and around 03 this is a georgus bike http://www.gumtree.com/p/cars-vans-motorbikes/trials-bike-gas-gas/104260967 when veiwing a bike check rear suspension linkage , listen for knocks ( clutch in , cover exhaust helps for knocks), look at condition (frame etc it will have marks look for dents etc ), make sure you are happy and will have fun on the bike good luck paul
  14. recently i have came off my bike loads due to moving up and pushing myself and i was going to get a new mudguard due to a few cracks