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  1. Ace trials team have had 9 helmets pinched, all for thier team members. The helmets are customised so if you can help i suggest you contact them.
  2. Just got in from the Bemrose, what a crackin trial. Any body here any scores. Single lap 160 riders this is a trial!
  3. physco

    Majesty Engine No's

    shirty snr kept no records , trust me
  4. physco

    4stroke Finale

    I purchased the e/book version from Tommy Sandham which i still have, it would be great if i could open it and view it! I e/mailed him for help but got no sensible response. I have the Four Stroke finale e/book as well as Rolling Thunder e/book, both unable to be opened.
  5. Does any body know how Shaun is? How is the eye injury? and more to the point whats he riding next year?
  6. As the Dirt Bike Show at Stoneleigh rapidly approaches, December 6-9, i wonderd who would be going? Its usually quite good for the trials riders and this year their is a dedicated trials village.
  7. any one wanting information ring steve shaw on the number provided.
  8. Any body wanting a good days trialing on Sunday 25th November should get along to Teversal Farm, Notts, start time 10.30. All classes, including sidecars, but not ty80, Ring Steve Shaw 07718 512173.
  9. Roger Williams realy deserves this. He puts alot into trials and is one of the best drinking partners you will ever bump into, pint of stela please!
  10. can any body out thier fix me up with some results for the 1966 vic briattain trial please?
  11. been watching the peak trial today, what a superb event, where were all the top riders??
  12. sorry dabster but i disgree with your edmondson theory, he won a scott spoon, failure with paul eddy has never been an option, world enduro champion and the great motocross ace roger de coster reckons paul could have won a world moto cross championship, yes i am a big paul eddy fan, respect!
  13. dabsters van never gets abused! 30 mph every where trying to get 40 mpg.
  14. sorry forgot about dibs. Top man and with a bit of expeariance now behind him, how good would that be if he won. as a rank, sorry **** out sider what about andrew dennis, alias dj denzil, he can certaily drink some beer!
  15. will jarvis give doug a run for his money, braybrook as the outsider? what about the first timers? if any body can predict the first five they deserve a medal, this years scott will be special, make sure you are thier!
  16. this trial needs as much support as possible. its one of the best trials a trials rider will ever ride in and if you are doing the scott its a must, long may it continue.
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