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  1. I have an 09 EVO that has a 2011 equivalent frame, I think you will find that 90% of 09 EVO's have already had the frames replaced under warranty, the original 09 frames had an offset fuel filler learning to the left away from the cables, so if the filler neck is straight it has been replaced if not check with the Local dealer should still be covered by warranty if it fails,
  2. I got rid of the air fork caps on my 1980 349 Montesa by removing the valve (car type) and bolting 2 washers to the top and bottom of the cap and drilling a small hole in each of the washers this left a 15mm chamber between the washers, this allowed some resistance while allowing the fork to breathe, to stiffen to the springs I added car valve springs, it worked very well and I left them on even when the 1981 model came out without the air caps and could have upgraded the parts to genuine, this may not work for you depending on the fork caps you have, but is a cheap fix and in my case effective way of getting rid of air forks, I will qualify that the air forks on 1980 Montesa's were prone to blowing even by being pulled down on the trailer for transport and I once had one blow up into my face on a drop off (fork oil tastes horrible) cheers Steve,
  3. I am after a pair of replacement soles for my Novagar Boots can anyone point me towards a stockist? Steve,
  4. Take off the cover on the RHS of the engine and look at the flywheel, if you download a copy of the parts manual you can see what the flywheel weight looks like, I have an aftermarket one on mine which is different from the standard one and I prefer my 250 with the weight. Also you should have a mapping switch put it on the race setting which could have a dry weather symbol on it not sure on that model. Steve,
  5. I thought that UK beta.s had them fitted as standard until about the 2015 model? Steve,
  6. No issues they are a great bike, may have a removable flywheel weight fitted which can be taken off for a bit more zip, but as you are new to trials I would leave it on at least until you are used to the bike.
  7. http://www.trialscentral.com/attachments/article/15784/2014%20Beta%20Scottish%20Six%20Days%20Trial%20Preparation%20Guide.pdf Check out page 5, I did this to my 09 plus made my own shield https://www.google.com.au/search?q=beta+air+filter+cover&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiPt4ykkPzKAhXDGpQKHZFABmoQsAQIGw&biw=1280&bih=867#imgrc=hZzY3HUtxQTsaM%3A out of an old plastic folder, the foam stops the water splashing up through the frame and passed the motor and the shield stops the water falling down into the inverted air filter, Steve,
  8. Expert riders are riding more difficult sections which require more from rider and equipment and who are willing to purchase several tyres a season, the more sidewall flexible X lite does not last as long as the X11 as the sidewalls crack with longer use so yes if you want or need a superior tyre and cost per use is not an issue then go for X lites, I personally feel that for most of us mortals the X11 is a very good tyre and a better deal in terms of grip and longevity and I don't think there is enough difference in grip between the 2 to benefit most Clubman riders,
  9. Michelin X Lite for the Expert superior grip but will wear out quicker, X11 for the Clubman good grip and longer lasting,
  10. vonhazza


    I have a 6 year old 250 evo and have not had this issue with mine,
  11. I put a flywheel weight on my 09 250 beta and I am very happy with it,before I put the weight on I found it stalled easierly and for me it solved the problem and made it better to ride without taking away power. Does it run on yes but it's easy to control with the clutch and back brake. If you are happy with your bike leave it as is if not you have the parts to try it for yourself at no cost,
  12. I would personally get a new Beta probably a 300 4T, my reasons I am very happy with my present 09 Beta 250 2T and have always wanted a 4T. All the modern bikes are good with slight differences between each make and model, it is up to you to decide what feels the best to you so try as many different bikes as you can and narrow down your final choices.
  13. Wulf sport trials pants are nice and stretchy just bought a 2nd pair had the 1st pair for 3 years still in ok condition. Steve,
  14. You should have a bung, it is there to drain water out of the air box,
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