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  1. My son and I have used the E3 plug in our 4RT's for several years without any issue. I have the same plug installed for over 2 years now...
  2. I use the pre-gapped plug as is, works great!
  3. H&D Racing in the UK has the best coverage and strength of all I've used...
  4. It's well ridden too, by the builder himself, Mr. Kramit All.
  5. From my experience over the last 7 years with my 4RT, there's no need to let it idle for cool down. Make sure you use the kill switch to stop the engine. For re-start, never give any throttle, just push the kick start lever through in a moderate way, no need to spin it like a 2 stroke. If it doesn't start on the third kick, give it one kick through with the throttle full open. This resets the ECU, and on the next kick with a closed throttle, it should start. Neutral is hard to find on the 4RT and you want it that way for trials. Finding neutral accidentally while riding in a section is no fun. The kind of clutch/trans oil does improve finding neutral. The best is the recommended ELF oil. I use Castrol synthetic which is easier to find and cheaper, however, there is some clutch drag when cold with the Castrol. Have fun!
  6. What I have found for lubrication that lasts for a season or more is to simply use a very sticky chain lube on the stock needle bearings. Let it dry and reapply a few times. Then coat the plane bearing surface with waterproof grease as well as the dust seals. This keeps the water out, and the chain lube saturates the needle bearings better than grease can. These needle bearings have no real open space inside to hold enough grease.
  7. You should try the E3 plug, I'm convinced that it has prevented some of the stalls I used to have. I actually had the engine momentarily stall and restart, like a 2 stroke will do. I didn't think that was possible with a 4 stroke, but it happened twice since using the E3 plug. The 4RT uses the E3.38 plug. I've had the same plug for 2 years now. Cheaper too...
  8. Stop & Hop was brought to us by the Bicycle Trials kids (like Bou, Raga and many before them) starting in the eighties. Trials bicycles have to stop & hop, it's impossible to peddle one of those bikes up anything. In spite of the fact that trials motorcycles have engines, the officials created sections that accommodated the bicycle trials riders, as you said were able to "hijack traditional no stop trials".
  9. It's funny you mention Endurocross, because it makes the FIM's point for no-stop. Here in the States, many of the current Endurocross riders have come from a Trials background, Jeff Aaron, Colton Haaker and a bunch of other up and coming Trials riders here in So Cal. Why is that? Besides the obvious sponsorship perks Endurocross offers, Trials riders have all the transferable skills and there isn't any one skill that Endurocross requires in order for them to be competitive. Not so for those guys with enduro, mx or any other 2 wheel background that want to try Trials at a mid to advanced level. When was the last time you saw a top EnduroCross rider (someone without a trials background) show up and compete in a Trial? It doesn't happen here. They don't want want to be embarrassed by not being able to stop and hop to get through a section. We used to see guys like Malcolm Smith and Dick Mann at trials events from time to time, but not since stop & hop began. Stop and hop has made Trials a very exclusive sport and the FIM has recognized that. Give it a year and Trials riders will get used to no-stop, the sections will evolve to enhance the idea, more riders will be open to giving it a try and it will be a better sport. The die-hard stop and hoppers will always rant, just see the next post....
  10. Montesa claims the 2012 air box has improved airflow, as best I can tell from the Spanish translation. Dr. Munch, any info on this?
  11. rich delaney

    2012 4RT

    Besides the bold new graphics, does anyone know if the new and improved 2012 airbox can be retro-fitted to earlier 4RT's ?
  12. Has anyone tried one of these evaporative cooling vests (MOTOBOSS or Bilt Cooling Vests from Cycle Gear) during a trial? Do they work as advertised?
  13. Here's a nice 2010, 290 in Calif.; https://picasaweb.google.com/105543902832848825303/2010Sherco290
  14. Here's a thought on the no front end idea, build a styrofoam front end that looks like the real thing and have it break off after hitting something. A little "shock and awe" action...
  15. Thanks Martin, more frustration than genius I think. The main problem seems to be junk in the fuel that the filter couldn't catch and the diffuser would. Maybe our wonderful "reformulated" gasoline was the source....
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