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  1. "Australian Motorcycle Accessories" https://www.amawarehouse.com.au/ sell Repsol oils maybe they can get it.
  2. paul7

    4rt oil change

    I leave mine on, just loosen the bolts about half way and tap the back of the skid plate down a little, works good. After I take the drain bolt out I let the bike lay over against my leg a pretty good ways so the oil doesn't run all over the skid plate, after it's drained I do like everyone else, lay the bike on it's side and take the cover off.
  3. Toni Bou's facebook page says he stay's.
  4. paul7

    Montesa 300RR

    According to the press release the 2018 is..http://hondanews.com/channels/motorcycle-off-road-competition/releases/2018-honda-montesa-cota-300rr-features-benefits the last line in the engine/drivetrain section.
  5. Yeah Elf, might be the difference.
  6. Don't forget there's also a little screen filter in there too.
  7. The reason I asked, mine seems slow, real smooth, the only thing I have to compare it to though is my sherco.
  8. What don't you like with the stock clutch and what do the dimpled plates do better? thanks
  9. paul7

    Race Gas

    yep, also, manual says unleaded 91 0ctane or higher.
  10. Nice bike, interesting looking rims.
  11. Hrmad, what brand of rear brake lever is that, looks shorter than stock.
  12. I just went through all the paperwork that came with mine, everywhere a warranties mentioned it's marked N/A so I assume there is none. I'm pretty sure at some point the dealer said 6 months, I either heard wrong or he was wrong.
  13. Dealer I got mine from I believe said 6 month warranty.
  14. The interview in the link that's posted says 2013. I would think it's hard to notice the twin plugs because one sits directly behind the other, not to difficult to see the twin coils though.
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