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  1. Just got my L2 DCIV today and the bike fits with ease ?
  2. The Alwinton 2 day trial: https://www.alwinton2day.co.uk/ 22nd and 23rd June this year, all off road 30 miles and 30 sections each day (different routes each day)?
  3. Cloburns used to have a L2 Custom DCIV and it carried 3 bikes. Back wheels against the bulkhead and front wheels turned.
  4. Ive seen 3 trials bike in the back of a DCIV L2 Transit Custom, no problem.
  5. This should answer your question: https://www.splatshop.co.uk/csp-engine-oil-filler-plug-gas-gas-jotagas-ossa.html
  6. Northumberland isnt too bad!
  7. Have you tried Off Road Moto in Blyth Northumberland? Unit 37 Grasmere Way Blyth Riverside Business Park NE24 4RR Blyth Northumberland UK Give John a call on: 01670 361080
  8. Alwinton 2 day, 22nd and 23rd June 19, 25-30 miles 1 lap with 30 sections each day and no road work.
  9. You sure that's not 60?
  10. Acerbis do one: http://www.acerbis.it/motorsport/en/product/dual-road/0022569#a_page
  11. davidbaker has pointed something out that has never occurred to me before, if you've never even been to a trial before you will have no idea of what the different flags mean. When I started there was only one route so it was fairly obvious where to go. With this in mind, could we not somehow get first timers to let people know its their first event when signing on and then someone could take them under their wing and ride round with them? Even if its just for the first lap Im sure this would help.
  12. @totty79, are you available to give this event a go and let us know if it works for you? It would be interesting to get your feedback.
  13. If its fatigue then I can totally understand, the more you fall off the more tired you get, the more tired you get the more you fall off and so it goes on. I rode enduros for 10 years and this is especially true in that sport . However the more you ride the better/fitter you get and so in theory should fall off less.
  14. I was just curious to know if it was down to section severity or the going in between? I honestly dont think that the sections in the NE are of a severity to prevent anyone finishing but maybe Im over estimating peoples abilities.Depending on the venue the going can be difficult if its wet and boggy and I can understand that people with little off road experience would find it hard, pulling bikes out of bogs is hard work and not enjoyable!! If we are to fix the lack of entries problem then we need to know what the issue is first. When I first started riding there was just one route that everyone rode. I can still remember my first trial, I was 13 and had a 247 Montesa and my riding gear consisted of jeans and NCB wellies . I must of three'd or fived every section but finished. We still use those same gullies today but for clubmen and experts, the easy route usually goes along the edge. My point being that Im just an average clubman rider but as a 13 year old managed to ride a very heavy bike around what now would be classed as the clubman route. So Im curious to know what prevents adults on a light modern trials bike finishing a trial on the easy route? Im not trying to offend anyone, just looking for answers.
  15. When marking a section out I, whenever possible, try and flag the easy course wide but incorporate the clubman route within it. That way riders have the option of riding around the harder part or having a go at it. Often the easier line is the direct one over the bigger rock rather than try and ride around it. This then gives people the option to try the harder parts if they want. This also works with the clubman and expert routes.
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