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  1. Hi, I have a 32A engine with a light clutch which doesn't slip or drag but I ride a lot of modern trials and would like the clutch to be smoother rather than on/off. Can anyone help please? There must be better springs, plates, baskets etc. or even, heaven forbid, a more modern clutch. Am I asking too much from my bike as it's pretty good? I only use 6 springs. Merry Xmas everyone, Steve
  2. Hi All, could someone please post a photo of the inners of an early 1999/2000 Sherco steel mid muffler as I'd like to make one in Aluminium. The diameter of the inner baffles would also be useful. Thanks and Merry Xmas to you all. Steve
  3. HI All, Does anyone know where I can buy a cushdrive for my rear BHC wheel? The cush is 5 1/2" diameter. Cheers.
  4. Hi Peter, I'm building up a 1963 Dot with a 32A engine here in NZ. How did you get on with your project? I'd be interested to talk to you about it. Could you please send me a message. Steve
  5. What are the best light, with 'good' brakes, pre 65 hubs for 36 spoke, 21" and 18" rims please? I'd like to avoid the heavy BHC hubs.I'm refurbishing a 1964 DOT and would like to know what best to look for? Also, is a 21x1.4" front rim OK for a modern trials tyre or does it have to be 1.6"? Thanks for your help.
  6. Thanks TNMan, It was easy and took about 5 mins.
  7. Hi All, This seal is leaking (2005 engine). If I remove the sprocket and 2 circlips can I remove the seal easily and replace with a new one? Any practical tips would be much appreciated.
  8. Hi All, Does anyone know if a TRP or Ohlin rear shock fit the new 2010 Sherco? The Ohlin spring is a little smaller diameter than the TRP, I think. Has anyone tried?
  9. Hi All, I have the opportunity to get a 1964 DOT Demon square section scrambles frame with 2 Villiers engines(197 and 250). Can anyone tell me the difference between the trials and scrambles frames and what the necessary mods would be to make it suitable and/or better for trials please?
  10. The turning circle is much tighter than the previous model.
  11. howard

    Pre 65 Forks.

    Are the short or long Roadholder sliders best for this? What AMC or BSA sliders would do the same job?
  12. Thanks Woody. What flywheel weight does you friend with the Sprite have on his Electrex ignition, 3.5 or 4.5 kg please? I'd like to talk to him. If it's OK could you please send me a message with his details please.
  13. Thanks OTF. I now have a lot to think about. Who can I ask about Scottish 2 day eligibility please? My Sprite is currently not registered but was originally a 'B' reg, 1964. Who do I get to confirm the marque and date so that I can register, MOT and insure it?
  14. Do any of you boffins know what is the best exhaust system for a 32A Villiers trials engine and where to get one? Is a true silencer better than an expansion box? What sort of packing is best? Does length matter!!!?? Thanks in anticipation.
  15. Hi, Does anyone know the colour(red) of the earliest Sprites and what the graphics were like( ??? 'Sprite '..handwritten)? As much detail as possible please. I'd also like to hear from as many Sprite owners as possible please. Steve
  16. Thanks OTF. The info I have on my Sprite is that it was bought new in 1964. Should be OK??? Apparently the REH forks are OK if they have gaiters! Do you know if modern inners e.g. Marzocci fit in REHs? I always thought that bottoming of shocks was bad and that preload was beneficial for steering, but Mick should know!!!? Do the PVLs come with different flywheel weights and which is best if they do?
  17. Thanks OTF. My reason for mentioning rocky streams is that I plan to try to get an entry for the Scottish 2 day in 2011. I therefore want the ignition to be as waterproof as possible. I'd still value your thoughts on the suspension setup, back/Betors and front REH. on my 1964 Sprite. I'm 95kg! How do you set the advance on each electronic ignition? Is it explained in a manual?
  18. Hi, Can anyone explain the differences between these 3 ignitions please? Which one is most likely to be beneficial in rocky streams?
  19. Hi, Does anyone know where we can buy these rims and spokes only please?
  20. Happy New year to you all, Has anyone tried the new throttles where the first bit is slow and then the action is middle or fast. It seems like a good idea but I would like some feedback please? Steve
  21. Hi all you pre65 boffins, what do you think is the best 2 stroke bike on which to ride the pre65 Scottish 2 day, for a clubman rider? Please give your reasons.
  22. Hi, Where in the UK, apart from Sandifords, are trials D.I.D rims/wheels sold please, and how much?
  23. Thanks Jordi. I'm still recovering!
  24. Hi Barry, It's your old Reeth 3 day riding buddy from NZ (Steve)....don't let the b-stards get you down. P.S. I'll see you at Reeth next year, if you help me up those big muddy hills again!!!???
  25. Hi Chris, I'm coming over to Yorkshire from NZ next week so I could tell you all about it if you want. Please send me your email and contact details via this site and I'll try to contact you before I leave on Monday. Steve
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