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  1. hello,im looking for help figuring out how to fix my 348 trial kick start issue....it kicks through like mush,like its not properly ingaging.when i got it a few months ago ,i cleaned the carb and got it going.even then about every third or forth kick would not engage ,just kinda mush through the kick.now thats all it does....even though i have installed a new clutch,cable,and original type levers,and a new 10mil plunger......someone else had this problem on here,did he ever find the solution?.....im using amsoil 80 dirt clutch oil in the clutch..the new clutch is a TJT it comes with two more plates than the original montesa pack,so i left them out.......some one really otta write a book on these things.


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    2. montesa 348 kick trouble

      montesa 348 kick trouble

      ok ill do that and let you know how it goes


    3. montesa 348 kick trouble

      montesa 348 kick trouble

      it was the oil.............10w30 wet clutch oil is what i needed.i didnt know ther was a difference.i had car type 10w30 motor oil in my clutch!    i cleaned all the plates,and with the propper oil,everything is as it should be.....

    4. montesa 348 kick trouble

      montesa 348 kick trouble

      and ya.....tjt 15 plate clutch pack mics out to the same as the stock montesa 348 13 plate clutch pack.....so,all the 15 plates are required

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