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  1. Hard break in every time! I broke in my brand new £5k engine in the car at a trackday... 1.6 bar of boost and Rev limiter bashing! The mont got a normal, hard ride the first outing! Bearings will bed in within the first few minutes piston rings need load and higher cylinder pressures to cut into the bores and create a good seal. I'd rather buy a well used and looked after motor than one with Glazed up bores from a poncy break in and an easy life!
  2. Hard run in every time! I broke my brand new engine for the car in at a trackday... The mont got a normal, hard ride the first outing!
  3. warby beta

    H&d Racing

    Places like H&D are the reason that blokes like me are so horrendously poor! Keep up the good work!!!
  4. This, mine got torn off on its second outing. Now a tree, rock, post, bank or even the floor, if required, is used. At least there's no chance of it hitting the deck if its already there.
  5. Yes my mates 260 started doing this yesterday. Going to look into a fix this week.
  6. Little update. Black plastic disc guards, from a standard 14 260, Flat tank now orange. (So is the big tank) and on the other side is a carbon exhaust guard.
  7. I don't have any trouble finding neutral with elf...
  8. I assume this sensor is supposed to stop the engine if it goes on its side?
  9. Just had a go on my mates new standard 260, lovely bike. Not quite as grunty as my '12 280 but certainly a lot more lively than the 250's. (I don't know how people ride them) suspension I find more bouncy up front than my showa forks. Otherwise it's a fabulous machine, looks really well, rides nicely and it's a mont.... Enough said
  10. My 280's fan runs a lot probably due to the extra heat from all them powerz. It's fine, however I think its a perfect excuse to shell out on a nice shiney big rad.
  11. Sometimes it's like riding on Velcro and sometimes it like riding on ice. In my case it's most likely the muppet at the helm is at fault!!
  12. I bought my 4rt because I wanted one. The last one I'd ridden was an 07 250 back in 07. Ended up buying a '12 280 and adore it.
  13. The old fantic is a 'hospital' job I usually only get 5 minutes once in a blue moon to spend on it. Mainly because of the stupid nissans but yes, I've put quite a lot of time into the 4rt
  14. My '11 280 chirps when cold, running elf htx. Once warm I can do my usual clutch pings for bigger steps and she's fine
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