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  1. Hi everyone, Was reading in the July MotorcrossDiGital online magazine that Termignoni has done an exhaust for the 4RT. Anyone have any futher details? Is it quieter? Andrew
  2. Great idea. Will keep that in mind although, have to say haven't fouled a plug yet (idle for at least two minutes when cold before riding). Andrew
  3. Had a few bikes when I was younger, my favourite two were a TY175 and then a bit later, a TLR200. Prefered the TLR (although the balance of the TY175 was great) as I just liked the fourstroke power. Now, many years later, decide to get back into the fun of trials. Was looking at a Scorpa SY175F but a used 4RT came up. One ride and I was sold. Everything I wanted the TLR to be but wasn't. Have had it for 2 months now and love it more every time I ride it. Had a ride on a 2006 300 Pro and pleased to get back on the 4RT. A my level (clubman), the 4RT is perfect. Interesting that everyone who rides my bike comes back with a huge grin on their face. Any bike that makes you smile can't be bad! Andrew
  4. stkman

    Fast Throttle

    Mine had a fast action when I bought it ... was too fast for me although another 6 months or so and I will definitely change back. Amazing throttle response with the fast action throttle.
  5. Totally agree with you. Helmet choices a little limited in NZ ... ordered on from the US, here within 4 days, is very comfortable, cool, looks good and cheaper than any helmets with removable lining available here. Very impressed. Andrew
  6. None of the options reflect the NZ rules ... stopping and hopping allowed, backwards not. Backwards sort of defeats the purpose of having rules ... just reverse and have another go! Still run trials with traditional rules for classic/twinshock. These are clearly designated as using those rules. Andrew
  7. Can't help you with the coolong system specs but have to say, great job on the extra capacity tank and the seat. Great looking place to ride ... very nice. Looks like the perfect setup for bike and location, Andrew
  8. stkman

    4rt Impressions

    After 15 years of not riding I have taken the plunge and bought a 2005 4RT to get me back into it. First impressions are snappy off idle power (plenty off it compared to my old TL125) and noise! Sure is loud! Has the end cap but will have to pull off the front pipe to see which other restricters it has. It will probably have them as at a trial last week, there were 4RTs that were much louder. Have read all the replies in this forum but seems no one has a solution yet (WES silencer mentioned but it needs to be significantly better for me to buy one). Will probably get a slow action throttle and possibly a PTB in the future. Has a 6 bolt 42 tooth worn rear sprocket so need to get a new one. Rear wheel is also 36 spoke. Is it a 315R wheel or were the early 4RTs like this? Was told the clutch has progressive plates and feels really nice to me. A little drag but can start it in gear OK. Would a 315R cylinder improve it further? Overall, I'm thrilled with it. Just need to learn to ride now. Andrew
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