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  1. It is surprising the parts Mike can get for you at the Tryals Shop. He has ocntacts with manyof the orginal suppliers. Sometimes it takes a little whilw so plan ahead, if he says he can get you a part he will, eventually.
  2. Depends on the Vintage club you are riding with, here in NY almost all of the bike have had period correct alterations. I suggest a set of aftermarket pegs that have been modified to suit you, leaving the frame mounts intact. Doug
  3. Two Day event with an informal trials school available on Saturday. Sunday has 20 modern sections, suggested two loops, keep score if you want. There are also 20 vintage sections set up. You can ride all the sections some of the sections, the choice is up to the rider. Modern rest rooms, camping, trials, old bikes, new bikes, young riders, old riders just cool! Contact Mike Komer at the Tryals shop for more info before he leaves for the trials.
  4. The real problem in the US is not with sponsors but with AMA. They don't support trials and they are the only true organization in the states that could put together such an event in this climate. Around here there are a whole group of clubs that are all fractured because there is no firm direction from above. I have promoted motorsports events. It is possible to cover the cost of the rooms, get Holiday Inn as a national AMA trials sponsor. Done deal, if AMA comes on board then we would need political backing. Think NY state is ever going to allow a state park to host a World round again? Not without some pretty strong political support. Besides this discussion is not really valid if they truly want 'world rounds'. Every other part of the world has to raise funds to send their teams to Europe, why should Europeans not have to raise the funds to compete in world rounds around the world promoting the support as they go. Same idea as our 'World Series' in baseball, how come there has never been a team in the World Series from Japan? Right now it's the Europeans holding all the cards, its their game if we want to play. And I would like to play.
  5. Well I have just finished replacing the rubber 'O' rings in the fuel system on my BMW street bike, and another carb clean on my Scorpa SY250F. When I drained the fuel from my Scorpa I drained it into a clear glass jar, after two days it had about 1/2" of a creamy colored substance at the bottom of the jar. I suspect it is the ethanol with contaminants form the fuel system and water. My local parts supplier recommends a Lucas additive that I have just added. Any experience with fuel additives that work? Cleaning cabs after pushing the bike out of the woods is not my idea of a fun trials. I do not want to think about replacing the tanks on my vintage bikes with plastic tanks.
  6. Isaac, Parts are not unreasonable to find in the US. Mike Komer at the Tryals Shop in NY was the importer, nice web site with prompt shipping. He has a good stock of replacement parts. He is also in contact with many of the original providers of parts to Fantic and can order new pieces. You don't need a seat, it's a trials bike. You stand all the time
  7. yeogene

    Fantic 300 No Spark

    It's the kill switch, its shorted out. Disconnect it at the coil I bet it runs fine
  8. I have used a trick from my car racing days. Use a razor blade in a knife and cut the edge of the knob making it square again. Takes a little time, but hey enjoy a beverage a movie while you are working. I live where we have snow on the ground for 5 months of the year. A tire that has been 'sipped' works better in the snow and mud then a newer tire because it cleans out better. I have experimented with cross hatching the blocks in the dry, I have had some success with tires that I would have scrapped. You have nothing to loose except time if the tire was used up anyway.
  9. I have come across a BSA motorcycle that the current owner believes is a mid 60' BSA MX motorcycle. It is almost all there (in boxes of course) how do I tell which model it was? I believe the engine is a 441 from my limited BSA knowledge. The tank is alloy with a Blue stripe, seat looks like a trials seat. No lights or indication it ever had lights. Did BSA make a trials bike in that era? I am looking for a 60's vintage BSA/ Triumph/ AJS for vintage competition. Has any done a BSA MX to trials conversion? Does it make sense? Thank you in advance Doug yeogene@yahoo.com
  10. yeogene

    Montesa 314

    I ride a 134 in modern trails and a 348 in vintage trails. I like the way the 314 feels, everything is in the right place. The HRC motor is strong with the powerband proper for me. The only issue I have had is finding parts here ( near Niagara Falls). In the local club trials the bike is competitive for me as a senior rider.
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