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  1. excellent, good man, nice to bond, chuffed for you mate
  2. we're driving up thursday doing a bit of sightseeing as well while we are there and coming back monday ,same as we did last year, as for a stunning drive abroad the drive up through the highlands must be equally as scenic? the distance arguement for going abroad is only relevant to your starting point isn't it? we really enjoyed last years event, i must be easily pleased !!
  3. crasher

    TL250 Honda rehab

    [ Good luck with your new found old friend. excellent, heartwarming story, good luck and keep the old dude on the scene !
  4. another sad loss to this all to common disease, condolonces to his family
  5. make sure your bleed nipple is clear before you start otherwise the syringe pipe will shoot off spraying you again in brake fluid, the nipple is supposed to have a rubber cover but they are usually missing allowing the nipple to fill with mud, another thing you can do is take the circlip off at the plunger on the lever and let the plunger come out a bit as you sometimes get a tiny bit of air in there,then when you have finished push it back in and put the circlip back on, front brakes are actually quite easy but whatever you do don't mess with the rear as they are a pain in the ar5e !
  6. To sum up - Insurance is cheaper if you don't have a license. same for my 17yr old lad f/comp
  7. crasher

    Hebo Boots

    gaerne balance oiled, brilliant, waterproof as stated in the bumf, dead comfy once you wear them in, not cheap at
  8. car and van insurance on the same day OUCH !! insurance seems to be a legalised form of robbery sometimes, prices go up across the board and there's nothing you can do about it cos they've got you by the short & curlies, "thats the price take it or leave it"
  9. about the same as a 300 raga i believe around
  10. thanks guys, we have been truly blessed
  11. susan's funeral will be held on monday 14th of feb, the perfect date for us i think, service at rothley church at 11.15 am, and afterwards at the royal oak on rothley green 1/4 mile away, it would be nice to see any of our trials friends for a chat/beer etc, take a look at the pics below to see just how lucky we have been as a family to have had a wife and mother who has supported us in all weathers in our chosen sport, a truly devoted wife and mother,
  12. those markers don't look real to me, have they been photo shopped over an existing photo?
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