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  1. I am pretty sure the front pipe will hit the the stop inside the mid box, same for the rear silencer. I would put mid box onto front pipe first, then rear silencer into mid box. You will find that once this is done and all is tightened up, you may be able to twist the mid box side to side to give a bigger gap between chain run and bottom of mid box, but do check nothing else is rubbing or hitting against the mid box ( shocker, carb etc). I know it is pretty snug in there. Hope this helps sort it :-)
  2. Sounds to me like the the chain has either been too slack at some point or stretched/worn bad and has been jumping the front sprocket, hence hitting the underside of the mid silencer box. I have never had that occur to my SY, but not saying it doesnt happen. A worn front sprocket can also cause the chain to ride up the teeth and jump, again would be likely to hit the mid silencer box. Another check would be to look at the mid box ans see if it is correctly seated onto the front pipe and back silencer. The space is tight at best of times around the mid box and it usually rubs on the underside against the engine casing right near the rear engine/swingarm mounting area.
  3. I am with Mattylad with this one. Filter and carb clean after every event for me. ToeToe, what spray are you using?
  4. I was advised to aim for a gap of approx 10-13mm (3/8" - 1/2"). I simply use my little finger and slide it in between the swingarm and tensioner rubber for a nice sliding fit. Never had any issues on any of my Scorpa's SY or SR doing this and i am using the std gearing/sprockets. Do make sure though that your tensioner is in good state of wear, ....the std alloy ones do wear and bend easily. Feetup has more or less hit the nail on the head with his explanation too :-)
  5. You the Man!!! 2nd. Well done. Glad to see you got it sorted.

  6. Hi, I split my scorpa tank just above the fuel tap. Not many places are capable of plastic welding. I went to Birkett's and Nigel sorted it. Only down side is you may have to wait as he does have a lot on. The price wasnt as bad as expected. Worse you can do is give him a call and ask. A little split out of constant petrol contact may be repaired with superglue and/or araldite. Just remember the plastic expands and contracts alot, so may crack again. Regards, Paul
  7. Hi Paul, Not sure about this weekend (09/10/2011) but there is a Pickering trial on the 16/10/2011 at Riseborough, below the A170 (YO18 8LS). However, my best advice is to ring the man himself, Mr D. Brown on 01904 622274 and he will correctly advise on what, where and when the Pickering trials are. Hope this helps. Regards, Paul
  8. Hi Ben, It would of been better for an intro in this section and the request for info put into the Scorpa section of the forum. It may get moved to there. I would suggest firstly to contact Nigel Birkett @ Birkettmotorsport, he is the sole importer of the Scorpa. Or try Trials and tribulations as they have a good range of spares. Feet up trials will be able to get them as will Andy Metcalfe. In fact i would imagine any dealer will be able supply including this sites sponsers. There will be very little difference in price. They are expensive so be warned and do not come with decal so are plain white or blue. Keep eye out on Fleabay as they usually pop up now and then on there. Both my 2008 SY and 2011 SR have a slight 'tail off' at the end of the mudguard and dont stick up into the air like you do see on some Beta's etc. Regards, Paul
  9. Very nicely done No doubt your little lad will have endless hours of fun riding it.
  10. Cheers for that. However, the mudguard wasnt the issue, it is a part that needs to come off to get to others It was the middle box that was in the way of the left side of the arm and knowing that these are a tad fragile, dint really want to force it against this, so didnt take any chances and removed it. Once the airbox and middle box was out the way, the arm was an absolute doddle to slot in from above and even the thrust washers stayed put While this far down i had an inspection of the carb for good measure along with the shock, put it down to quality garage time and getting to know my way round the new addition
  11. Hi, Has anyone on here had the joy of refiiting the SY swingarm? Had a bit of a clart on removing it, especially watching out for the brake pipe. I have noticed it is a rather snug fit against the brake cylinder when trying to reinsert the arm back into the frame. Was thinking if i removed mudguard, rear silencer and middle box along with the airbox, the arm would then fit in better from a more of an above approach. Anyone got any better tips/ideas??? Cheers, Paul
  12. I would advise e mailing them. Sent you the email addy in pm
  13. Hi, Does anyone know what the ring gap is on the Montesa cota 200? Cheers, Paul
  14. Hi Paul, Here is a link http://www.multimap.com/s/jiL4Rj5B This is the approx area of the Hovingham quarry. Prob best e mailing the Eboracum club for more info. Paul
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