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One Eye On The Weather


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Here are a couple of links to keep a watch of what is happening with Great Highland Weather on the run up to the best week of the year.

1. Corran Ferry http://www.corraninn.co.uk/ open then click on web cam

2. Glencoe from Kings House Hotel near "Chairlift" http://freespace.virgin.net/kings.house/

3. Nevis Range Ski Centre http://www.nevisrange.co.uk/winter/fun/webcam.asp

4. Ben Nevis http://www.visit-fortwilliam.co.uk/webcam/index.html

By the way still a fair bit of snow on the higher slopes for the time of year.

Enjoy Dreaming for another 2 weeks I am sure the sun will shine from the 5th to 10th May(be)

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You don't need fancy webcams to work that out. If Slapshot says it will rain then it will be sunny and if he says it will be sunny it will pee down. :moon:


Too early to even contemplate the weather for the week....middle of next week for a first stab

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"first stab" thats hardly the phrase we expect from an educated weather specialist surely?

Should have explained, from our "alternative" Glossary of Terms:

Wild Assed Guess - The terminology applied by the press office to the seasonal forecasts derived from the North Atlantic Atmospheric Circulations

First Stab - Forecasts derived from probabalistic modeling based on 15 day models

Second Guess - Forecasts derived from first deterministic models out to day 7

Best Guess - The forecasts you see on various websites/naff TV forecasts, automatic forecasts not touched by human mind.

Proper forecasts - Forecasters analyse model data and atmospheric conditions to derive and produce specialist forecasts...bout

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I have a picture of slapshots place of work but i'm not sure how to post it ?.

Where the hell did you spring from Scoobs, how's it goin matey??

Is this Slapshot at work ?

Not me Atom, I have eight screens going at once........I wish it was only one.

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Andy, I do worry about you sometimes! What were you looking for when you came across that pic? :thumbup:

true really Fat Hairy Blokes, thai ladyboys...I'd avoid him in Tennesee Atom, stick to cabin 5 for the weekend, Copemech tells me it's the best place to be

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