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Should have explained, from our "alternative" Glossary of Terms:

Wild Assed Guess - The terminology applied by the press office to the seasonal forecasts derived from the North Atlantic Atmospheric Circulations

First Stab - Forecasts derived from probabalistic modeling based on 15 day models

Second Guess - Forecasts derived from first deterministic models out to day 7

Best Guess - The forecasts you see on various websites/naff TV forecasts, automatic forecasts not touched by human mind.

Proper forecasts - Forecasters analyse model data and atmospheric conditions to derive and produce specialist forecasts...bout

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Thermally Worked Averaged Temperatures - a method of averaging air temperatures using diurnal variations, Sea Surface Temperatures and atmospheric soundings

Very clever acronym! How many people spotted that then ? :thumbup:

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Yeh we will let you.....what you having??

Well, Mrs S has been off today so she been slaving away making a big steak pie local steak and sausages in a nice ale based gravy, minted Garden Peas and chips....lovely....be back soon this is too good to sit here chatting....

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Right, what you all been waiting for.........

Wellies and Waterproofs I'm afraid; which by that miserable beggar Grieg's theory the sun will be splitting the skies, not this year by the look of things. Pretty unsettled on the whole but things can change. There's a suggestion of a high drifting north into next week but at the moment it's only a suggestion.

Friday - Showers and sunny spells odd longer spell of rain, not too breezy, temperature about 10 - 12

Saturday - fewer showers, more in the way of sunshine, temperature maybe as high as 12 - 14

Sunday - Showers, longer spell of rain possible roughly late afternoon early evening 12-14

Beyond that staying unsettled. Monday has the potential to be good, if that high drifts in but.... it'll warm up as the week progresses but still be spells of rain. No-one's had any confidence in the detail this week at all

I'm leaving here Thursday so i'll update this before I leave, I'm not there all week so I'll throw the other odd bit of info on here and the six days website as the week progresses...if HL lets me.

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Interpreted as: "I haven't a clue"

You been reading our manual???? in this case it's probably right Tim, too many ifs and buts, no two models are consistant. Everything we issue has a confidence level attached, it's all going out Low wrt detail.

It is difficult to call even Friday/Saturday could be totally different, I put the earlier post up last night but even now 12 hours later I'm not comfortable with it.

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