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It's been kind of bothering me for ages but how do you actually pronounce his name? Is it 'Day-bill', 'Dab-ill', 'Dabble' or something else? Anybody actually know? And yes it's Monday, I've got too much to do but I'm bored.....

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I can remember Igor (if you know him thats fine if not he remains anonymous) having a laugh with the lads at a lunch stop in Scottish.. when he was calling em up to give route/delay cards back ..he didn't seem to mind ridiculous pissmonucipraction then! perhaps he 'll come on her (whoops spelling error) and put us all to the wise.

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I can tell you the Dabill family pronounce it as:


I obtained that information directly from Mrs. Dabill, James's mother at this years SSDT.

Big John

Well that sure sounds like the definitive answer, thanks, John.

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