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Procedure To Register Trials Bike?


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6 hours ago, BenjiBeta said:

Hi. I've just bought my beta Evo with cash off marketplace. The seller has sent me a receipt via messenger. In a world where email receipts are now a thing will prints of this be enough. Or do I need to pay him a visit with a printed Bill of Sale. Or will that not do either. Does it have to be a legit dealers receipt? Tia. 

I registered my TY with a handwritten note that had the name, address, and signature of the seller on it, so it doesn't have to be official paperwork.  Sorry I don't have more to contribute!

Someone else on here recently wrote to DVLA and got a response saying that their bike had been registered in the past and they just needed to fill out a form to get a new V5.

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On 8/3/2021 at 2:02 PM, BenjiBeta said:

Also. With it being quite an old bike. Is there any way to see if its already registered with dvla? Would it have reg number already? 

Reading that if you know someone with a trade account they can HPI the frame number . If you do it yourself on a non trade account or contact DVLA it doesn't work . Just what I read somewhere so might not be gospel .

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