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Well, As Promised!


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Well, as much as I do like the bikes, the other fettish has been put off for a number of years, and I have tried to balance things out, but I had to get this project done at sometime in my life, so the past two years I have had to try to get things done in my off time on this. The list is too long to get into, but suffice it to say there is little to nothing untoutched in getting this "76 vintage Cessna 150 up to speed. The front cowling is off for illustration in the pics. If money were no issue, could do more, yet even at this level they are few.



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and, so there you go! Almost ready, and only a couple of minor details to finish it, such as the final inspection, no big deal!

Notice it does have moving map GPS in the panel, so can go anywhere, at about 120mph! Will not make the crossing to Scotland though!



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Nice wings. Can you get a bike in the back?

Bike will not fit!

Although I have been nearly coast to coast in one of these puddle jumpers, from Arizona to Florida, one does need to stop about every 3 hours for fuel and bladder relief!

If there is anyone out there that has ever had a close call from a yellow plastic water bottle dropped from a mile high over open country, I apologize! :rotfl:

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That's a very tidy looking toy you've got there Mark..nice one :rotfl:

I do love planes ;) ,I've just got back from staying in a villa in Kissimmee next to these guys:Stallion 51

Sadly the 'training'(the CAA does not allow passengers in this plane :D ) fee goes up and up every year but it's a great way to start your day by eating your breakfast outdoors,by the pool, with the overhead roar of those packard merlins...maybe one day I'll drop the Lotto and try the orientation flight ($3000).

I meet a lot of Americans who are surprised that I'm such a big fan of the P51 and not so much the Spitfire,don't get me wrong the Spit is an excellent defensive interceptor which held off the Nazis but to win a war you need to go on the offensive and take the fight to the enemy,which is where the P51 came in.

Boxing analogy:

The Spit was a good guard and left jab but you'll never win that way...the P51 was a big right cross.

If you think that sounds a bit sentimental you should've seen me the first time I touched a P51 :)

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Hey Cope, I got a gift of a flying lesson last week (it was really,really good :wub: )nearly a full hour stick n rudder time:


If you look closely you can see I committed the newby cardinal sin of stepping outside of the 'foot here only' tape!!

I timed it well,the local airshow had a few thoroughbreds lined up next to the schools pa38 piper tomahawk.

Can you guess what this is (it was in pristine condition :wub: )?



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That Hurricane is a true beauty! I am sure it has modern fabric on it, so really tough stuff actually.

Have a friend of a friend that has a Sea Fury! HERE Spirit of Texas is a good looking plane!

Thas is a good looking Trauma Hawk as well, buddy has one just like it that we fly. Seems most planes of the vintage are pretty tattered as trainers! What do they charge there for an hour? The local school at the airport is up to about $95 per hour for a rag bag C-150, less instructor. Just nuts!

Do they make you wear that yellow bib? You got any stupid plane/pilot question, I will try to answer. :thumbup:

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Who-hoo, a chance to waffle.

The one and only time, in my life, where I can honestly say I enjoyed the health and safety talk.Thus-

AKA (IDIOTS GUIDE TO emergency landing in a PA38 Piper Tomahawk);

Press the red button on the yoke to speak,release to listen.

Say ''mayday'' 3 times.

ATC will guide you on your compass setting.

Steer as/when advised.

Line up on the run-way.

'Slope in' watching the landing lights for colours.

The plane is so small/benign and the run-way so ginormous that it will land at almost full pelt (probably,maybe).

Bounce a few times and slowly throttle back to a stop.

Get out, kiss the ground/empty your pants :D

Bet you've done this to your passengers Copey;-

The pilot tried the old 'haven't-I-got-better-eye-sight-than-you' trick by asking me if I could see certain, (too) distant, objects that he already knew were there by lining up on other familiar,visible, land-marks!!

He forgot that I told him I'd already had some time in a glider so it wasn't the first time someone had tried that joke on me!

Yes, the hi-vis' vest was compulsory that day because of the busy air-show traffic at the hard stand.

All the club's planes and private birds were corralled off to one side (1 metre wing-tip separation :huh: ) to give priority to the visitors.

I would like to have posted up pics of the breitling wing-walk girls :banana2: that I met in the lounge but since my wife has had the camera those shots have been deleted?! :wall:

It was great to see the Hurricane up close, it was much bigger than I'd thought.

That Sea Fury is a monster ,does it go well at Reno? pity about the colour scheme ;)

As for questions?

The main question I have (so far)is:-

How to win the lottery? 'cos flight lessons are

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