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Cody Webb 2010 Usa National Champion


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Cody Webb is the 2010 AMA /NATC National Champion , with another convincing win today in Donner California Cody has cemented the 2010 Championship .. Well Done Cody !!!!

Patrick Smage will be the 2010 runner up

Keith Wineland 3rd

Ron Commo III should finish 4th

and Karl Davis 5th

All are unofficial until the Gods (AMA / NATC ) say so .. LOL

Great Season , Great Series and very challenging events kept the pro's on their toes this season..

Thanks to all who helped make the series a sucess from the clubs, organizers.. to the Natc and AMA ..

Again congrats CODY #1

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:agreed: Congrats to Cody ...

Looks to me like the 2011 season will be a very competitive series of events . All of these young men are such phenomenal riders , it's great to have this many riders with the potential to win at the national level .... Now if we can get some TV time for the sport on a major network ...

Glenn :beer:

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I didnt see mav-tv at the Colorado nationals.

I guess I should rephrase, they did cover 2009? or was it 2008 nationals? My memory is failing me somebody please have the correct year that they covered the events.......

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Mav has been at all the Nationals so far this year .. yes they were in Colorado too.. They have done a great job !! Thank You MAV !!

There is always somebody out there who knows more than me..........My wife loves to make sure I know this.

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I have watched Cody ride every year. Every year he works really hard. This year he was over the top dedicated. He was riding stuff in practise we thought could never be ridden. Not only did he ride hard all year but was also a full time college student, taking classes that I can not even pronounce. All Engineering type clases.

It was awesome to see him win and clinch the title at Donner. I have never seen him smile that hard.

Sunday he wore a European 1 piece suit (against my advice). Someone has to post a picture.

Here is a picture of him and his Dad Kip after his first win at Donner. http://www.lewisportusa.com/ Scroll down the web-site it is a very good web-site

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Congratulations to Cody on a fantastic season and winning his first outdoor National Championship! I can only imagine how proud Kip, Fran, and the entire Webb clan must be, seeing Cody achieve his goal this season! Well done! A big congrats from all of us up here on Vancouver Island who have known you for so long!

cheers, steve

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ok so knowing how well pat did in europe and now that cody seems to have surpassed his level, are there any plans for cody to go and compete in WTC?

please tell me he's at least contemplating it! :agreed:



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Congrats to Cody and Kip for stepping it up. Great to see his hard work pay off.

Must be a hard pill for Pat to swallow, but he will be back stronger and smarter.

Also Team Sherco RYP deserves lots of credit for sponsoring Cody for all those years only to have Gas Gas snatch him away at the end.

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