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What Van Would You Choose ?


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I'm thinking of a small scabby van with a budget (not fixed) of around a thousand pounds. What will my Rev 3 fit into?

Transit connect is the biggest I'd go but I'm interested in a VW Caddy etc. I am guessing a Berlingo is too small?


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Help/advise anyone? I'm sure I can make safe but anyone got experience good ideas to tie/strap down and avoid twisting of my front forks as front wheel is turned to max.

I've got the VW caddy (non maxi) and my bike goes in lovely on either side of the van with front wheel turned hard lock (so can get two bike or even 3 if one had front wheel off). But I've only got secure tie down points on the floor of the van. Worried about strapping both side of handle bars down encase it forces a twist of sorts tot he front of it. Really just needs securing to one side of the van as it cannot move front to back as its made to measure!

Any thoughts comments appreciated. Love the van by the way, test driven many (most discussed options) and the caddy is very similar to a golf/touran but with the perfect sized back for trials bike, I personally didn't get on with the others for being to van like/slow unsafe feeling.

Thanks in advance!


Following on.....

Oh now uploaded pics of my bike loaded in my new van.. Sure I can strap it but anyone with experience please comment on suggested best way would be great. Thought pics would be handy for anyone else looking for a small van ( example is 61 plate VW standard caddy but previous <10 plate was exactly the same in rear - loaned/test loaded my bike 4 weeks back). I searched the internet for an example picture as I've attached so I hope of interest to someone else out there! (excuse sons bike, won't let me load mine without his too!)



As you can see, fits perfect and surprisingly easy loading! - Drivers side less length than sliding door side but even so not even forcing door closed!

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