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What Van Would You Choose ?


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basically I have a mercedes vito which is doing around 30mpg because i use it as my car back and for work, want something more economical. And of course has to fit a trials bike or two in :)

The vauxhall combo seems to be a good economical van doing around 50-60mpg,

Transit connect possibly lpg as the diesel ones dont seem to good on fuel

Would like a vivaro but think it wil be equally poor on fuel

Berlingo ? I am warming to the car type version

any advice etc would be good



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I've got a Combo 1.7 DTI, been a great van, done 70k miles in 4 years, now on 103k and still does 470 miles to a full tank of diesel.

Sherco fits in the back along with all my tools and gear and if my brother is riding it pulls the trailer, 2 bikes and everything else no problem.

I'm due to replace it this year, almost tempted to just get a newer one but I fancy a VW Caddy this time.

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I've got a Berlingo Multispace (the car version) which is a great compromise as the rear seats can be removed in a couple of minutes. As it doesn't have a bulkhead, with the passenger seat moved forward, there's loads of space.

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Just sold my combo 17di, big mistake! It had an aftermarket rear seat conversion so it would seat 5 pull 2 clips then back to a van! But the best of all it would take 2 bikes my Evo and my mates Gas Gas it a bit tight but ok, I done quite a bit of travelling in it last year so to save on hotel bills the Evo was on 1 side and me on my air bed on the other! Iv also got a beta alp and that fits in 2,fuel economy was 54mpg when loaded,it was the perfect van i should not have sold it gutted.

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I have had 3 LWB transit connects, 90 HP and i average 42MPG running round half loaded with a good mix of urban & A-road driving.

They have all been good reliable vehicles over the years with no real issues. Room for at least 2 bikes with the bulkhead fitted.

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I've got a VW Transporter that does 35 mpg. I use it for everyting, don't have an other car and I'm afraid I don't drive it very slow (chip tuned to 130 bhp) so it could be more economical if you want it to be I think.

I've driven other van's at work, Citoën Jumpy, Opel (Vauxhall) Vivaro and Ford Transit and the VW is the only "larger van" that feels and rides almost like a "normal" car.

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